Grand Rapids hotel attracts smoking visitors…including marijuana!!!

Anything to attract business should be good…right?

The Holiday Inn located in downtown Grand Rapids has taken an off-the-beaten-path approach and somewhat out there strategy to attract visitors…encouraging smoking…of all kinds…including medical…or not so medical…marijuana!

Michigan legalized medical marijuana in 2008…and Grand Rapids decriminalized marijuana in 2012. Possession of a small amount of pot is now only a civil offense.

Visitors are loving it. Occupancy rates are up an estimated 50%!

Rooms have been changed to add access to the outdoors allowing smoking on the patio, since smoking inside anyplace with workers is banned in Michigan.

So, is this a good idea? Smokers seem to love it.

The Holiday Inn chain is okay with it as long as individual hotel policies meet with the laws in the state.

Anyway…Check out this article the article…see what you think…

Crain’s Detroit – Hotel lights up occupancy rates with smoking rooms – pot included

Have a great sunny fall day!

Sandie Parrott


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