Holiday Plant Care…BY Melinda Myers


Here is a nice article to help extend the life of your holiday plants. Don’t just let them sit and die…bad fung shui for starters…give it a try!

The only thing I would add is to cut back your poinsettia sometime after Christmas when it starts looking leggy. Don’t cut all the leaves off…it needs some to survive. To re-bloom, it also needs a room that has bright sun on a warm windowsill, but it should be placed in an extra room that incandescent lights aren’t turned on at night. They need long nights to bloom!

Enjoy the following article!

Gosh, the holidays are coming…the holidays are coming…YIKES!
Sandie Parrott

Holiday Plant Care
By: Melinda Myers

The holiday season has arrived. That means you will be on the giving or receiving end of a poinsettia, mum, cyclamen, or other holiday plant. Extend the beauty and longevity of these holiday beauties with proper care.
And that starts the minute you leave the florist or garden center. Always protect your gift plants from the harsh outdoors. Professional florists and garden center staff will provide a care tag and wrap your plants in a plastic or paper sleeve.
Remove the wrap as soon as you arrive home. This is especially important when caring for poinsettias. The upturned leaves emit ethylene, a ripening hormone, that can shorten the longevity of your poinsettia’s colorful display.
Rewrap your holiday plant anytime you move it outdoors and never leave it sitting in a cold car while running errands. A chilled plant looks fine until it thaws. By the next day the plant turns grayish-green, wilts and may die. Not such a nice gift after all.
Once your plant arrives home, place it in a cool brightly lit location. The cool temperatures and indirect light help the blooms last longer. Avoid drafts of hot and cold air. These can dry or chill the plant resulting in leaf and blossom drop.
Fold down the foil wrap to allow sunlight to reach all the leaves.
Keep the soil moist, like a damp sponge, but not wet. A quick touch of the top inch or two of soil will let you know when it is time to water. Water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of soil are crumbly and just slightly moist.
Pour out any water that collects in the foil, basket, decorative pot or saucer. Or place pebbles in the bottom of the container or saucer to elevate the plant above sitting water.
Remove spent flowers from mums, azaleas, cyclamen and kalanchoes. This keeps the plant looking fresh and often encourages more blooms. Remove the true flowers, those yellow knobs in the center of the colorful leaves of the poinsettia. This extends the longevity and beauty of the poinsettia plant.
And once the holidays are past, keep enjoying these plants through the gray days of winter. Move the plants to a sunny window, fertilizer with a dilute solution of complete or flowering plant fertilizer and water as needed.
Add some artificial berries, cut flowers in water picks or silk blooms to replace the faded flowers. Use colorful stakes or natural twigs for added beauty and to support floppy leaves and stems.
So add a few holiday plants to this year’s gift list. They are guaranteed to brighten your holiday celebrations.

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    Hi Sandie, Just wondering if you have email out the Garden tour for next year yet.Thanks, Louise Hunt

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