Some GOOD memories of DETROIT!!!

Detroit skyline

This is a nice time capsule of the good times in Detroit. Cars, architecture, clothing and hair styles, great places to eat, visit, landmarks, companies, more cars, views…mostly gone now.

A nicer and newer time…

Enjoy the flashback. If you are from Detroit or Michigan…celebrate the good times. If you aren’t from Detroit or Michigan…look at what was once cool, hip and happening here compared to the pictures in the news of the ruined buildings, trash and decay of today.

Before the Liberals (50+ years of Democratic mayors) and greedy government officials and company individuals destroyed a once vibrant city…

Just sayin’





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Holiday Plant Care…BY Melinda Myers


Here is a nice article to help extend the life of your holiday plants. Don’t just let them sit and die…bad fung shui for starters…give it a try!

The only thing I would add is to cut back your poinsettia sometime after Christmas when it starts looking leggy. Don’t cut all the leaves off…it needs some to survive. To re-bloom, it also needs a room that has bright sun on a warm windowsill, but it should be placed in an extra room that incandescent lights aren’t turned on at night. They need long nights to bloom!

Enjoy the following article!

Gosh, the holidays are coming…the holidays are coming…YIKES!
Sandie Parrott

Holiday Plant Care
By: Melinda Myers

The holiday season has arrived. That means you will be on the giving or receiving end of a poinsettia, mum, cyclamen, or other holiday plant. Extend the beauty and longevity of these holiday beauties with proper care.
And that starts the minute you leave the florist or garden center. Always protect your gift plants from the harsh outdoors. Professional florists and garden center staff will provide a care tag and wrap your plants in a plastic or paper sleeve.
Remove the wrap as soon as you arrive home. This is especially important when caring for poinsettias. The upturned leaves emit ethylene, a ripening hormone, that can shorten the longevity of your poinsettia’s colorful display.
Rewrap your holiday plant anytime you move it outdoors and never leave it sitting in a cold car while running errands. A chilled plant looks fine until it thaws. By the next day the plant turns grayish-green, wilts and may die. Not such a nice gift after all.
Once your plant arrives home, place it in a cool brightly lit location. The cool temperatures and indirect light help the blooms last longer. Avoid drafts of hot and cold air. These can dry or chill the plant resulting in leaf and blossom drop.
Fold down the foil wrap to allow sunlight to reach all the leaves.
Keep the soil moist, like a damp sponge, but not wet. A quick touch of the top inch or two of soil will let you know when it is time to water. Water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of soil are crumbly and just slightly moist.
Pour out any water that collects in the foil, basket, decorative pot or saucer. Or place pebbles in the bottom of the container or saucer to elevate the plant above sitting water.
Remove spent flowers from mums, azaleas, cyclamen and kalanchoes. This keeps the plant looking fresh and often encourages more blooms. Remove the true flowers, those yellow knobs in the center of the colorful leaves of the poinsettia. This extends the longevity and beauty of the poinsettia plant.
And once the holidays are past, keep enjoying these plants through the gray days of winter. Move the plants to a sunny window, fertilizer with a dilute solution of complete or flowering plant fertilizer and water as needed.
Add some artificial berries, cut flowers in water picks or silk blooms to replace the faded flowers. Use colorful stakes or natural twigs for added beauty and to support floppy leaves and stems.
So add a few holiday plants to this year’s gift list. They are guaranteed to brighten your holiday celebrations.

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Life is Camouflaged


Take a moment and read this timely advice by Beth Erickson.

This is advice given to writers to peel back the layers and really look at life. It may have been written for writers, but it is excellent advice to everyone. Or, if you journal…

I understand taking my dog for a walk down the same (boring?) route. I don’t usually walk that far, so the scenery doesn’t change. HOWEVER, it looks so different walking slowly (not power walking for fitness) than from a car or a bike. When you go whizzing by you tend to notice only the big stuff. If you are concerned about making an appointment or getting home to fix dinner…you probably don’t notice much of anything at all. How about a flower that just opened today? A bird that is scolding you for going near her nest. Or, at this time of year in Michigan…squirrels frantically gathering nuts and hiding them in the craziest places…or a tree that has turned a gorgeous shade of red almost overnight!

Read this essay below and go take a walk on this wonderful fall day. Try to notice something new you have never seen before. Turn your same boring path into an adventure…OFF THE BEATEN PATH!!!

Life is Camouflaged

By Beth Ann Erickson

Let’s take a minute to discuss what it means to be a writer.

I take daily walks. Not because I want to, but because my little Rat Terrier would act berserk all afternoon if I didn’t. So every morning I snap on her leash and head out the door.

Because I live in a small town, our route tends to be the same: We walk the parameter of our fair city — either clockwise or counterclockwise — resulting in a good twenty-minute stroll.

The unchanging sameness of each days trek has taught me something valuable that I’ve adopted in my life as a writer: Life is camouflaged. Let me explain….

When I began this daily journey around town I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d soon become bored seeing the same houses, the same woods, the same roads day after day after day after day. But that’s not what happened.

As Lucy (my dear puppy) and I traveled our daily path it was as though scales fell from my eyes. I began to see things I’d never noticed before.

Subtle changes my neighbors had made to their houses began to whisper for my attention. Birds I’d never seen before — bright birds like Blue Jays and Cardinals — began to appear like a developing photograph. Squirrels, muskrats, cats, raccoons, fox — all these animals live in the same town as me — and I never knew it.

So here my point: As writers it is our job to notice the things other people can’t or don’t have the time to see. It’s our job to look at something long enough for the camouflage to disappear and for the scales to be removed from our eyes.

We have the daunting task of not only living life, but stepping away long enough to really see what’s going on — in all places, and in all situations. We need to see the hidden bird, the quiet gesture of a coworker, the nonverbal communication other people miss. It’s these observations that make our writing come alive.

In a nutshell, life is camouflaged. Writers need to see through that camouflage and show this real world to others.

Go for a walk today. Or look out your window. See something you’ve never noticed before. Now write about it.

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Grand Rapids hotel attracts smoking visitors…including marijuana!!!

Anything to attract business should be good…right?

The Holiday Inn located in downtown Grand Rapids has taken an off-the-beaten-path approach and somewhat out there strategy to attract visitors…encouraging smoking…of all kinds…including medical…or not so medical…marijuana!

Michigan legalized medical marijuana in 2008…and Grand Rapids decriminalized marijuana in 2012. Possession of a small amount of pot is now only a civil offense.

Visitors are loving it. Occupancy rates are up an estimated 50%!

Rooms have been changed to add access to the outdoors allowing smoking on the patio, since smoking inside anyplace with workers is banned in Michigan.

So, is this a good idea? Smokers seem to love it.

The Holiday Inn chain is okay with it as long as individual hotel policies meet with the laws in the state.

Anyway…Check out this article the article…see what you think…

Crain’s Detroit – Hotel lights up occupancy rates with smoking rooms – pot included

Have a great sunny fall day!

Sandie Parrott


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Watch what plants you buy at Home Depot and Lowes…!!!

This is a very big deal. We need bees to keep our plants producing for our food supply…and some people just want to make it more difficult for bees to survive.

Pesticides, herbicides, etc. have been shown to be deadly to bees.

Read this article. More evidence that chemicals are bad…for us, for the environment, for bees…for pretty much anything living.

Cancer rates are skyrocketing…bees are dying…diseases of all kinds, especially in children are increasing at an alarming rate. What more evidence do we need?

Avoid chemicals and read this…!!!

title=”Home Gardeners Beware: Tests Reveal Many Garden Plants Are Treated with Bee-Killing Pesticides”>

Have a beautiful and chemical free day!!!

Sandie Parrott

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Gnomes at the Chelsea Flower Show…OMG!!!

This year…OMG! To the horror of the elite gardeners of Chelsea, England…common, mythical gnomes were allowed at this infamous show!

They have been banned for years, but they have been temporarily given a showing for this year ONLY!

The gardening public may love the little happy…sometimes creepy creatures, but Chelsea does not…

Take a look at the following article

AND…garden with abandon…and buy those cute gnomes…what the heck!

Blessings on your garden…!!!

Sandie Parrott

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Noah’s Art Theme Park…!!!

 Noah's Ark Theme Park Hong Kong

Did you know Noah’s Ark was a theme park with attractions, hotel, shops and restaurants inside? Well, the one in Hong Kong is this and more!

This replica of the ark is supposedly the largest in the world and it sits next to the world’s longest spanning suspension bridge carrying both road and rail traffic…The Tsing Ma Bridge.

For some reason I thought the ark was a lot smaller than this…

Supposedly, the real ark may have been found in Turkey…

Starting at  just over $1,600 a night you can stay in modern luxury accomodations that include breakfast in the ark!

There are several attractions, animals, gift shop, restaurant and a beach!

Check out the website at…

Amazing what some people can dream up and make a reality…

Have a great winter day. If you live in Michigan…how about ice fishing?

Sandie Parrott


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Michigan Gardener Magazine…!!!

Watch for the Michigan Gardener Magazine…at SE Michigan nurseries starting in April…!!! This great magazine is published every year from April through November.

Learn everything about gardening, plants and special gardens and gardeners in Michigan.

Check out the passionate garden profiles…learn about their collections, garden tips and see photos of their wonderful individualized gardens…not just because I write and photograph them…:-)

Make sure you stop by your favorite nursery at the beginning of the month or they will be gone!

OR…better yet sign up for a subscription…

I know…it is only February…but spring is coming…honest!

Now, get out those garden catalogs and dream of this year’s garden…order those seeds because it is getting close to the time to start them…

Sandie Parrott



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Can you spot the hidden animals???

Take a moment and view these photos by photographer Art Wolfe.

His work, titled “Disappearing Act” took 35 years to compile.

See if you can spot them all. Good luck if you are viewing on a mobile device!

Now go out with your camera and see if you can find a hidden animal in your world…!

Happy January!

Sandie Parrott

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It’s Always a Good Time……in Michigan!!!

MICHIGAN - Ludington_Beach

Enjoy this video from Vimeo…!!!

This is the REAL Michigan…not the bad stuff in the news…but the beauty of the mitten state…!!!

If you don’t want to jump in the car this summer…drive around and see the beauty of Michigan…then watch the video again!!!

Can’t wait for spring!!!

Enjoy Michigan…!!!

Sandie Parrott

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