Noah’s Art Theme Park…!!!

 Noah's Ark Theme Park Hong Kong

Did you know Noah’s Ark was a theme park with attractions, hotel, shops and restaurants inside? Well, the one in Hong Kong is this and more!

This replica of the ark is supposedly the largest in the world and it sits next to the world’s longest spanning suspension bridge carrying both road and rail traffic…The Tsing Ma Bridge.

For some reason I thought the ark was a lot smaller than this…

Supposedly, the real ark may have been found in Turkey…

Starting at  just over $1,600 a night you can stay in modern luxury accomodations that include breakfast in the ark!

There are several attractions, animals, gift shop, restaurant and a beach!

Check out the website at…

Amazing what some people can dream up and make a reality…

Have a great winter day. If you live in Michigan…how about ice fishing?

Sandie Parrott


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