Michigan Gardener Magazine…!!!

Watch for the Michigan Gardener Magazine…at SE Michigan nurseries starting in April…!!! This great magazine is published every year from April through November.

Learn everything about gardening, plants and special gardens and gardeners in Michigan.

Check out the passionate garden profiles…learn about their collections, garden tips and see photos of their wonderful individualized gardens…not just because I write and photograph them…:-)

Make sure you stop by your favorite nursery at the beginning of the month or they will be gone!

OR…better yet sign up for a subscription…

I know…it is only February…but spring is coming…honest!

Now, get out those garden catalogs and dream of this year’s garden…order those seeds because it is getting close to the time to start them…

Sandie Parrott



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One Response to Michigan Gardener Magazine…!!!

  1. graham hills says:

    Gardening is not my thing Sandi, but it’s alwas nice to receive your ‘blog’ I have happy memories of our Vaughantow programme a Valdelavilla!! Graham Southampton

    Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 20:25:00 +0000 To: wigglesome@hotmail.com

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