MORE Genetically Modified Organisms…MORE Chemicals…= MORE Dangerous


Since California’s proposition to label GMO food was defeated…(but not by much…consumers are getting smarter) it looks like the large chemical companies are now trying to outdo each other by releasing even worse GMO produce…and pesticides.

Read the article below on and sign up for their email newsletters. Lots of help on how to live, grow, cook and eat organically.

More importantly…BUY and EAT ORGANIC!!!

Do you want all this crap in your food? If you buy organic…the chemical companies LOSE!!!

It is only lately that Monsanto’s RoundUp pesticide has been shown to be very dangerous by INDEPENDENT studies…amazingly it was always considered “safe”…because the only “studies” were sponsored by…you guessed it…Monsanto…!!!

Keep the fight going to label our food. We have a right to know what has been used on our produce (that incidently is an ingredient in MANY other foods…such as corn) or in our meats and poultry.

Did you know that over 85% of corn grown in this country is GMO…and near 90% of soybeans? Corn and soybeans are used in thousands of food and other products!

Now go and eat deliciously and organically…you won’t believe the wonderful flavor!!!

Sandie Parrott

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