View from the Eiffel Tower – OOH La La!


Ah Paris...can't miss the Eiffel Tower...!

If you have never been to the Eiffel Tower…below is a panoramic view from the top! If you HAVE been to the Eiffel Tower…take a minute to remember and listen to the French music…ah France…!

Not only can you climb (oh NO way!) or take an elevator to the observation deck…for this wonderous view…but you can shop in the souvenir (French word) shop…eat at the cafe (another French word) or mail a post card stamped from the Eiffel Tower Post Office! These are all IN the Eiffel Tower!

If you are going…make sure to take your list of addresses!

Another wonderful thing to do is to take a boat tour down the Seine River. I went at night…the lights are lovely, and it is quieter…but you can’t see the wonderful buildings as well. The boats line the Seine and your hotel can also hook you up.

There are also tours that include dinner at the Eiffel Tower and the boat cruise…very nice.

The requisite head phones are used to explain what you are seeing in your own language. For me…too boring. I was out hanging over the railing taking photos! The history I enjoyed were the informational placques mounted on the walk-ways on the tower with the facts about the tower and how it was built.

Interestingly…in the middle of the Seine River (near the Grinelle Bridge on a manmade island) is a small “copy” of the Statue of Liberty!

Remember it is France…nothing is cheap…and lines for the elevators can be long…depending on the time of day, the month and the weather.

And always remember your manners especially shopping! Parisians and the French expect a nice greeting (in French)…Bonjour…and they will then ask what you would like to see. They will spend a great deal of time showing you their shop’s wares…unfolding and refolding linens and lace items…but they may walk away if you ignore them and start touching the merchandise. That is considered rude in France. PLEASE don’t be an ugly American! The French are very nice and friendly if you make a little effort and smile!

Now, go do something French…have a chocolate croissant…watch the movie French Kiss from 1995…OOH…La La!

Sandie Parrott


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  1. jean says:

    Thank you for the nice article!

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