Single Pipe Alpine Coaster in Mieders Austria…WOOWEE…!!!

I love to ride rollercoasters…but this one just seems a little (maybe a lot) insane…!

There are no brakes…Holy Crap…!

Once you get on…there is no stopping until you reach the bottom…of a mountain…eeooww…

If you like rollercoaster-like rides…watch this and hold on to your stomach…

My area of Michigan has about three inches of snow on the ground. This is the warmest (I don’t believe in global warming) winter with the least snow I have ever seen! The lake didn’t fully freeze until about a week ago (it usually freezes in late November or December)

AND…thrill of thrills…I saw a red fox darting down the hill towards the lake today. That was cool!

SO…go out and have some fun today…in the snow…in the woods…take a walk…do something nice…!

Sandie Parrott






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