Plants Unite!!! —-Plant’s manifesto…!!!

Fellows-Riverside Perennial Arbor Garden - Youngstown, Ohio

Don’t these plants look lovely and innocent?
Well, based on their manifesto recently received by C. L. Fornari…under her garden shed door…not anymore!
It isn’t bad enough that obedient plants…aren’t…or Virginia creeper can take down a small sapling…or mint can takeover and destroy rare and beautiful species…or plants refuse to bloom…oh no. NOW they want rights…
This is worse than the Occupy movement (that is hopefully going away!)
Everyone and everything wants rights!
Read this and see what you think.
Actually…I think it is brilliant!!!
The sun is shining here in Michigan…even though it is about 34 degrees fahrenheit…and the plants are sleeping…
Don’t wake them up…and don’t let them read the manifesto…!
Have a great day!
Sandie Parrott
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