Which garden makes the most sense…and is worth our tax dollars…???

White House gardeners...yeah right...

Roger Dioron, garden writer and founder of KitchenGardeners.org (and behind the push to have a White House Garden) has created a comparison of gardens.

One is the White House Garden…1500 square feet and a decent mix of vegetables found in many family gardens. Except a lot larger and tended by the best gardeners in Washington. Well, hey, it is the White House after all…

He compares the White House garden to what a a 1500 square foot garden would look like based on US subsidies…to the tune of $11 BILLION in taxpayer subsidized farming. It also mostly represents large farms using pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified seeds, fossil fuels…basically “conventional” methods.

Not such a pretty or useful farm…

See http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3141/5755651745_bbe7e350e2_o.jpg

Also, see the website http://kitchengardeners.org/

If you haven’t already…go plant a garden. One tomato plant in a container is better than nothing! And enjoy fresh, chemical free produce (hopefully you checked the seeds and plants first)…

Bite into a juicy sweet tomato…not like the watery taste of those found in the local huge supermarkets…!

Sandie Parrott







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