Parrot flower…from Thailand…!


The rare Parrot Flower from Thailand...!My last name is Parrott...two t's...however...I can't pass up a flower that looks like a Parrot...WOW! I collect Parrots...I even have a real, not my hubby...but a Blue Front Amazon named Paco. He isn't as happy and talkative since his buddy died a year ago January, but he is getting his mojo back. He used to have a huge we are back to "Hi", "I love you" and once he accidently said "Good morning". Then he looked around like..."Who said that?" Real Parrots can live 75 years. Our other little buddy, Mickey (Yellow-collared Macaw) was wild we don't know how old he was. He injured his toe and it just never got better even with daily was sad... A couple of years ago my friend Kathy Click bought me a Parrot plant at Eastern Market in Detroit. It sort of looks like a Parrot...but not like this one. Kathy, it is still alive and blooming...! Following are a couple more photos...aren't they amazing? This has been all over the internet. Lots of stories about it being a fake photo...but, is real! Gorgeous Parrot Flower

Parrot Flower – beautiful purple flower…!

Now go and find a Parrot to hug…!

Sandie Parrott
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