Tips on tipping…on a trip…!!!

This is always a problem for me…who and what to tip…!

Well, here is some great information from Hospitality Staffing Solutions. Following these are my personal tipping rules…

Off course this is mostly for the United States.

Hope this helps you…it sure helped me….

How to Reward Great Service During Your Summer Travel Top 10 Tips on Tipping from Hospitality Staffing Solutions

 ATLANTA – May 23, 2011 – As Americans get ready for their summer travels, it is important to remember to build tips into the travel budget. Whether visiting a small motel chain or the largest luxury five-star resort, travelers can reap the rewards of tipping for good service, according to experts at Hospitality Staffing Solutions (HSS),, the leading hospitality staffing company working with over 600 hotels, casinos, and resorts across the country.

“While it may not be on top of mind for travelers, there are actually a lot of people who quietly make the difference between an average trip and an unforgettable experience,” said Rick Holliday, CEO of HSS.

The Basics:

1. When in doubt, tip! Since many in the service industry rely on tips for a large portion of their income, it’s better to reward those who provide good service than to not tip because you’re unsure.

2. Always tip those who provide a special service, especially when it’s above and beyond what their job requires.

3. Although non-monetary tips (e.g. gift cards) may be thoughtful, it’s difficult to measure the individual usefulness. Cash is always appreciated.

 On Arrival:

4. Doormen: When you arrive at your hotel, the doorman may assist you with your luggage for which you may tip $1-$2 for their assistance.

5. Front Desk: When checking in, it is not customary to offer a tip to the front desk.

6. Bellmen: If they assist in carrying luggage to your room, bellmen should receive $1-$2 per bag.

7. Hotel Valet: When someone hails you a cab, it’s customary to give them $1-$2 for their attention. Car services or taxicabs are usually given 10%-15% of the fare for their service.

During Your Stay:

8. Room attendants: Many guests enjoy the comfort of their room more than other amenities of a property, but often overlook room attendants when tipping. It’s customary to give $2-$5 per day (leave it on the bed or pillow) for their service unless you’re hosting or entertaining in your room, in which $10 a day may be more appropriate.

9. Pool and beach attendants: A $2-$5 tip for getting you a chair will ensure you have a great location each day.

10. Concierge: Tips are usually rendered at the time of service. For standard directions, sightseeing advice, or event locations, an appropriate tip is around $5. However, for a reservation at a popular restaurant with limited availability or hard-to-find tickets, tips can run higher – $10, $20 and up.  It depends on the uniqueness and difficulty of the arrangement.

About Hospitality Staffing Services, LLC Hospitality Staffing Solutions, LLC (HSS) is the nation’s leading hospitality staffing company. Established in 1990, their team of hotel industry experts works with over 600 properties in 35 states and 70 markets across the country. Visit

I want to add my personal tipping rules…

1. If I eat in a diner type restaurant or coney island and you have a $5 meal, I won’t leave the customary 15%…that is just too low, for the waiters that need it the most. The very least I will leave is $1 and if I get change back, I usually leave a dollar plus the loose change.

2. Lately, I haven’t been doing this as much, because of the economy…but my son was a waiter and I know how hard they work for little money or gratitude…so I try to give more that 15%…20% if I can and it was special.

3. Here is my easy way to figure tips on the fly…and tip more than 15%. Start with the total bill (add any discount or meal removed) and round it to the nearest (up or down) half dollar…take 10%…and double it. If it is an expensive meal…round it down. Example: Bill is $20.15…add back discount of $5 (this shouldn’t hurt the waiter)…so $25.15…round to $25…take 10% (=$2.50)…double it…to equal a $5 tip. That is a 20% tip on the original $25 bill. If the server wasn’t that memorable…maybe drop it to $4 which is 16%…I don’t leave less than that except for lousy service…see below…

4. How to handle the tip for an all time lousy experience. Yes, I tip. BUT…I do NOT tip full for lousy service…they will stay lousy…! The joke in our family is to say, “Don’t eat yellow snow.” If you aren’t from a place that gets snow…you will have to think about this one.

 Anyway, my mother always taught me to leave a penny. This has always meant (though I don’t think many know this anymore)…”I didn’t forget to tip, the service was really bad.” If the waiters have to ask…they won’t be to happy to find out what it means. Leave it somewhere conspicuous, so they don’t think it fell out of your pocket. And do not skip the tip…they will just accuse you of being a bleep cheap bleep…since they are nasty anyway…:)

OKAY…now that you know all about tipping…go out and have some fun and tip some deserving waiters…!!!

Sandie Parrott

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