Tomato – is it a fruit or a vegetable…or don’t you care…?

Tomato - Fruit...or Vegetable

So…what is this tasty treat…fruit or vegetable?
I have a saying on my signature line for my email that I love. Don’t know who said it…but I love it.
It says, “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”
So, as an Advanced Master Gardener, I say it is a fruit…as does any other botanist…however, check out this article and see where the court…over a hundred years ago…decided it was a vegetable…
Come on, you can’t be surprised that the court went against Botany…lawyers and judges going against botanists…ah well…read it for yourself…!
So, how do you classify it? Or you just don’t care what it is so long as it tastes good and is safe…?
Well, spring is here in Michigan, but it is still early to plant tomatoes (even though it went up in the 80s today).
So, check out your farmer’s markets and see if there are any local greenhouse raised tomatoes. Better than store bought (and shipped)…
Happy warm weather…and watching our world green up…!
Sandie Parrott
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