Michigan Wind Farm…!!!

Windmills are coming to a town near you...

Michigan will have a wind farm in Gratiot County!

It is about time. Michigan is getting with the rest of the world.

I saw thousands of giant white windmills in Spain…

Spain has many windmill farms across the country...


If you want to know more…check out the article at…


I’m in favor of windmill and solar “farms”. Yes, they aren’t the greatest to look at, but wind and the sun will hopefully be around a long time…and without the politics of countries competing for oil…and it is a clean and has an unending supply…hopefully!

I’m sure there are some problems with birds and the possible noise of the windmills…but compared to the dangers of oil spills, platform explosions and pipeline leaks…this has got to be better for the environment. Just as large electricity plants, towers and wires take up the landscape…so do the windmills. There is something majestic or calming about the windmills turning slowly in the breeze that doesn’t bother me. Well, it might if it was next to my house.

Have a calming, windy spring day…!

Sandie Parrott

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