More Philadelphia Flower Show…Springtime in Paris…!

How many Paris symbols can you find on this hay wagon?

How many Parisian landmarks can you see in the hay wagon? This was part of the Tour de France display…

I have lots more photos to share. Wish I had more time at the show, but then I would have thousands of photos! The photo below is also part of the display…Tour de France…the bicycle is “hitched up” to the hay wagon full of Paris landmarks.

Tour de France – Hay wagon…

Handmade floral gate enclosing a pond garden

This gate must have taken hours, days or weeks to construct. It was an outstanding ornate organic gate with a Parisian feel to it.

Part of Paris Underground display...

Much of the Paris Underground display was very dark…not in color or hue, but in feel. I don’t think it was meant to be pretty, more artistic and real.
Part of the display had a heavy ceiling to make it feel like the display was indeed underground.
The lights to pinpoint the floral diplays and art, felt like a brightness in the middle of urban plight or the dark tunnels of Paris.
Just my take on this display. It was a bit odd to encounter this as one of the first diplays happened upon when enterring the show…

Organic-filled Lion - Carousel Animal at Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

These carousel animals surrounded the Eiffel Tower in their own flower beds.
The animals were presented by Valley Forge Florist of Wayne, Pennsylvania. They need to be given credit because these creatures were wonderful and HUGE! 

Unicorn Carousel Animal

Surprisingly, these carousel animals diplayed their armature. I always thought topieries like these should cover their metal support. It felt a little like someone’s slip was showing! Maybe it was just me…

Carousel Creature at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

Carousel Rabbit at Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

This rabbit was on a gimungous rotating carousel with a snail and a bee.
I collect rabbits. I have zillions all over the garden. I like them, but children love to “find” all of them.
Windowbox display at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

I’ll sign off with a photo of a special windowbox display. These were amazing! Don’t know if my boxes or the house for that matter, would hold them up!

Some had small trees in them or pots and ornaments…unbelievable. My boxes are going to get crazier…!
Oh yeah!
Real spring…not just the date, but temperatures and warm sun and NO white stuff will be here soon…
I’m hearing the birds…and a few brave bulbs are peaking up…!
Take a walk and listen to the birds singing about spring…
Sandie Parrott
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2 Responses to More Philadelphia Flower Show…Springtime in Paris…!

  1. I found your blog from the VaughanTown newsletter – I’m from Philly and my mom has been talking up a storm about the flower show! I live in France so she knew I would have loved it. Thanks for the virtual visit!

    • Brenna,

      Thanks so much for writing! The Philly Flower Show was great and I LOVED philly. I’ve always wanted to see the flower show and have a real Philly Cheese Steak! My first time and I was very pleasantly suprised! The market by the Flower Show was really fun.
      You are lucky to live in France! Where do you live? What do you do there? I love Paris and the countryside of France. Check out some of my France blogs. My hubby and I stayed in a teeny tiny town, on few maps, called Hiersac, West of Angoleme. We were the ONLY English speaking people in this tiny town…and we had a great time! We visited castles, drank French Pineau des Charentes, ate sensuous dark chocolate croissants delivered to our door (OMG!), visited the Cognac factory, St Emilion (LOVED it), Ille de Re off La Rochelle and Limoges.
      Hope you subscribe to my blog…I’ll be adding more VaughanTown and other experiences…!
      Have a great day!
      Sandie Parrott

      I will be posting more of VaughanTown and photos, so stay tuned!

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