Philadelphia Flower Show 2011 – Springtime in Paris!!!

Eiffel Tower at Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

The 30 foot Eiffel Tower was the showpiece of this year’s show. Not that I have seen any other shows…this is my first…and it was wonderful!

A new chairman seems to have put life into what I had heard was a declining show.

This French florist scene was created by the men’s garden club. Doesn’t it feel like Paris? I’ve visited Paris and it is as wonderful as everyone says. And NOBODY was rude. If you follow their customs, greet them in French and don’t paw through their merchandise, they are super friendly!

French Florist – Philadelphia Flower Show

Paris Flower Vendor at Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

This is a very good depiction of a typical Paris flower vendor…on the street or in train stations.

Parisians shop for flowers, magazines and pasteries on the street. Their chocolate croissants cannot be beat!

The crowd at the show was not too bad…but I was fortunate to visit on the media and members day (members of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society). I think a lot of people sign up as members, just to attend the show on member’s day!

The Victorian room was an over-the-top depiction of a florists imagination. Parisian Victorian Room at Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

I liked the floral valances, but other than that it was too much for me.

Saturdy night there was a black-tie party at the show. It was covered on a local TV station. They explained about the collectors that allowed them to use the domed glass table pieces they had collected over the years. Some arrangements in the domed pieces included human hair, which was actually common in Victorian times!

This exhibit, even on this special day was mobbed. I went back just before closing to get a really good look.

There was so-o-o much to see, I had to keep moving.

Fantasy bedroom - Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

This bedroom doesn’t look much like mine. It is definitely someone’s fantasy…or maybe it came to them in a dream…

People were very polite at the show. Not so much when I visited Chelsea (England) a few years ago. I was amazed that the English could be so rude. This is the only place I saw their pushing, shoving, walking in front of photos…in my two visits to England.

On the bus back to the hotel I was grumbling about the crowd. A young gentleman heard me. He said, “Oh you never want to get in the way of an Englishman and a garden they want to see.” He laughed and said it is always like that.

Flower pavillion at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

 Don’t know the scoop on this pavillion. It contained several statues and was very extravagent. Not my taste, but definitely showy.

Most of the show to me showed the decadent side of Parisian design. I like the more simple Paris with a little shabby chic. Of course their shabby chic is not created like ours…it is real!

I’m going to break up this blog on the flower show…so stay tuned for more pictures!

Spring is officially here, although Michigan it isn’t much warmer.

A few more weeks…and spring will really be here…

Stay “tuned” for more Springtime in Paris at the Philadelphia Flower Show!

Yeah spring!

Sandie Parrott

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One Response to Philadelphia Flower Show 2011 – Springtime in Paris!!!

  1. TC Conner says:

    Thanks for sharing Ms. Sandie!

    I wish I could’ve made the Big Show this year!

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