Off the beaten path…in the China Mountains…!

This is a wonderful photo arrangement of a Chinese temple built 1,400 years ago…

Turn your speakers on to listen to the Chinese music that accompanies the photos.

The Hanging Temple is a temple built into a cliff near Mount Heng in the province of Shanxi. Mount Hengshan (Heng Shan), in Hunyuan County, is one of the “Five Great Peaks” of China, and is also a major Taoist site. Not far from Heng Shan, the Hanging Temple is located on the side of a cliff and has survived for 1400 years despite earthquakes in the area. According to the history of Hengshan Mountain, construction of the temple started at the end of the Northern Wei Dynasty by only one man, a monk named Liao Ran. 

Hmmm…wonder who finished the construction…?

I love the photos, but doubt I would actually go there…I really hate heights…some of those steps are very scary…! 

Enjoy the beauty of our world…

Sandie Parrott

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