Blizzard photos from all over the United States

It has been called a Blizzaster since it is the worst blizzard to hit the US…ever…

The strange thing about this blizzard was it not only hit the usual northern states, but lots of southern states that are not prepared to deal with icy conditions and deep piles of snow. They just don’t have the equipment. Gosh, southerners call off school and work if there is even a threat of snow…they were off days, maybe a week for this blizzaster…!

Most Michiganders returned to work after one day off to dig out…some worked right through it…although Michigan only got around 10-12 inches. The worst hit states got a few FEET of snow!

Here are some photos…don’t know if they are correctly attributed, but it will give you an idea…

Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

Anywhere USA…

Lake Shore Drive, Chicago


St. Louis, Missouri

Poor guy…that is a big dog! My little Cairn Terrier wouldn’t be seen in all that snow!

I feel sorry for older folks, pets, wild animals…and idiots with small shovels or using torches to melt the ice off their cars…!

Stay warm!

Sandie Parrott

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3 Responses to Blizzard photos from all over the United States

  1. TC Conner says:

    I’m used to snow here too. But I never get used to the cold. And as I’ve gotten older, the cold chills me even deeper. I suspect that it’ll penetrate all the way through to my heart before it’s all said and done, and then I’ll die a “snow” death. Sorry, that was a bit morbid, but poetic. 🙂

    • Sandie says:


      Yes, poetic and yes, a bit morbid. I hope to heck I can get to a warmer climate in the next few years. I’ve had it with the cold and the cabin fever…which I am suffering horribly right now…

      Sandie Parrott

  2. Nancy says:

    Yes, that is my Lakeshore Drive, hundreds of yards from my condo. You just could not get here from there. That respresents all the fools who worked until 4-5 p.m. then thought they could cruise down Lakeshore Drive with cautionary waves of 18 ft. from the Lake just a few hundred eet away. Everyone knew it was coming but noonw listened. A car hit a bus and that was it – game over – bus across all the lanes of traffic. Noone went anywhere from 5 – 2 a.m. in the morning. They were all o.k. and I hear they had “fun” waiting to be rescued. People called into the news and it sounded uproarious and laughter and singing. They could see all the yellow lights and flashing police lights close by – so luckily noone panicked. So close, so lose and yet so far…

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