Mission Impossible Squirrel….!!!


These little guys are smart!

This is a riot! I saw it on a TV documentary years ago…and now it is back. I can’t remember how long the squirrel took to learn this…but I think it was only a few days and a few hard falls. The part that cracks me up is the little rocket ship he has to work with his paws…


Love those crazy squirrels!

Have a great Thanks and Giving…sit back with a full belly and watch the squirrels…! What better way to relax and enjoy life…

Sandie Parrott

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2 Responses to Mission Impossible Squirrel….!!!

  1. TC Conner says:

    That’s quite an accomplishment! I wonder why the squirrel couldn’t find acorns the old fashioned way?

  2. No fun…he likes a challenge…no acorns just sitting there for him…no way!

    Happy Thanks and Giving and Black Friday…or if you are a retailer…Green Friday!

    Sandie Parrott

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