Part 2 Medinaceli – On the way to Valdelavilla, Spain for the VaughanTown experience…!

Stone house (la casa) in Medinaceli

Part 2 brings us to our lunch stop at the tiny town of Medinaceli!

This cute town was the place where we first talked with the Spaniards…other than our seat-mates…over a traditional Spanish lunch. Although, we ate on Anglo timing at noon. Spaniards typically eat lunch around two pm.

Consuelo, Nuria, Ashlee, Frank Alex and Rick

I managed to get photos of almost everyone in the program by visiting tables in the Restaurante La Ceramica.

Some of the Spaniards drove direct to the village, so, everyone wasn’t present at this luncheon.

The first course consisted of Sopa Castellana (Castillian soup with traditional spices, garlic and bread) OR Migas Castellanas (bread crumbs sautéed in oil with traditional spices and garlic, served with grapes. I had the soup and it was delicious!

The second course was Jamon al Oporto (Cured ham cooked in sweet wine and raisin sauce) OR Felete de Temera con patatas fritas (Fillet of veal with French fries) OR Lomo Asado (Roasted loin of pork). I had the Ham…and again, very good.

Paloma, Liza, Lee and Jacqueline

Pardon the odd spacing of the photos and writing…my computer was acting up…

We also had a nice dessert (I have forgotten what it was…I think it was a type of pudding???)

And…of course wine. Traditional with lunch and dinner.

Sopa Castellana at Restaurante La Ceramica

Graham, Luis and Peter

It was a bit uncomfortable talking with everyone at first, since everyone was a stranger, but the good food, wine and gregarious nature of the Spaniards, Australians, English and Americans (Rick and myself) had most of us laughing and talking quickly.

I’m not used to a large lunch with wine, but traditionally in Spain lunch is the biggest meal of the day. Although, the dinners were large also…I didn’t really see a difference…!

In all there were (I think) 15 Spaniards and 16 Anglos (English, Australian and American) on the program. This made it perfect for one-on-one sessions. We had a LOT of those! It really helped us get to know everyone’s background, why they wanted to learn English better, their lives and jobs.

Raquel, Maria, Anne, David and Emilio

Susana A, James, Paula, Elizabeth, Kelly, Beatriz and Joanne


Tourists reading the menu for Restaurante La CeramicaAnother room at La Ceramica Restaurante

Walking around after our meal…I took a couple of photos…
Plaza de Medinaceli
The enclosed plaza was deserted, but remember this was late September.

Medinaceli Art Gallery

The art gallery was small but had very nice local art.

Gothic style collegiate church built in the 16th century on the site of Santa Maria la Mayor

Before very long we boarded the bus and travelled on and upward to Valdelavilla!
Meet me there in my next post!
Sandie Parrott
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