Around Madrid

Cybele Fountain - Goddess of nature

This is my last post on the city of Madrid. I will be moving on to Valdelavilla next!

These photos are some that I took around the city. The Fountain of Cybele is in the Plaza de Cibeles, by Ritiro Park and Banco de Espana. We incorrectly thought that money could be obtained from this bank, but no…no customers…it is like an administrative or finacial institution, but not a bank! Lots of guards around…so didn’t stick around.

This bear and berry tree are the symbol of Madrid

My husband Rick is standing in front of the heraldic symbol if Madrid, a bear climbing a Madrono tree…sometimes called a Strawberry tree. The statue weighs 20 tons! Apparently an Arbutus unedo, known as a strawberry tree is the best description, since there is some confusion with the name. This is seen and well photographed in the Plaza de Puerto del Sol… or gateway to the sun.

Painted metal security door

I love this tradition…instead of ugly steel security doors, they paint them. Many are quite stunning!

HELP sign displayed from an apartment balcony on Plaza de Santa Ana

Help – the music is driving us MAD! Gee, I just had to take this photo. Is it the Mad Madrid…or are they complaining about the music…or are they just mad…?

Plaza de Puerto del Sol

Couldn’t resist showing you the combination of sights in Madrid…this plaza has everything…a great spot to people watch…with fountains, statues, performers, shops, restaurants, giant modern signs, architecture, pedestrain streets…and more!

Neptune Fountain

Do you know how long I had to wait to get a picture of these fountains for you? They are in the middle of gigantic traffic circles…and the photos show no traffic? A long time! Just wanted you to appreciate the photo even more…:)

Madrid was amazing…I would go back in a hot minute! All I need is some money…and time…! Oh well, I’ll work on that…

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Madrid…NEXT on to Valdelavilla!

Have a great day!

Sandie Parrott

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2 Responses to Around Madrid

  1. TC Conner says:

    Yes, I enjoyed the tour very much!

  2. Thanks so much…Madrid is wonderful…!

    On to Valdelavilla…!

    Sandie Parrott

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