Madrid – Silly Street Performers

Ole! A real matador? Nope, look at the shoes...!

Every large city has its share of street performers and Madrid is no exception. Performers or buskers as they are called in some cities are pretty much everywhere tourists (and the mighty Euro) are found…

This guy is perfect for Halloween!The headless guy didn't do much. Drop a few coins in his can and all you get is a thumbs up.That is the whole point of these performers. They don't move until money goes in the can or hat or whatever. Then they usually do a tiny show. My husband is a sucker for these. He always leaves some coin.Not this one...just a thimbs up.They must be okay to perform on the streets, because the Police didn't seem to mind...and I didn't see any outright begging.Be careful what coins you leave. Two coins, the 1 and 2 Euro are worth about $1.40 and $2.80 dollars! Nice tip... How do they stand so still?

The sweeper dude did a little dance as he swept the area. Gosh, the city gets a two-for-one with him! By the way, it was a hot day and that outfit must be warm…

Do a little dance...sweep a little dirt...get down tonight...!

Terra cotta man!

I call this guy terra cotta man. It looks like he was made out of clay.
The three heads on a table was meant to scare. Which is dumb, because the potential contributors run away and the performer doesn’t get any money.
He pops up, scares people and makes weird noises.  I caught him before he hid…he made kissing noises this time…

Three heads might be batter than one...for sure in this case...!

All in the spirit of fun…or what they promote as MAD Madrid…spelled MADrid…

Squirrel guy...!Saw this guy around town. I call him Squirrel Guy. The noises the "squirrels" make are actually annoying. Who would want these in their homes...?Now she is gimmicks...

She didn’t look too happy, but I figured she was someone’s grandma…so I gave her some coins and took her photo. She probably makes good money doing this…and come on…she is adorable…

Someone's grandma...!

The tried and true...sliding knot rope trick

Hark, a “real” performer. Yes, it was some boring rope tricks, but the people in the square seemed to like him.
Overall, I liked the street entertainment.
It sure beats the guys begging in Detroit…or the guy by Tiger Stadium that chants continuously, “Here we go Tigers…here we go,” ad nauseum…
At least these guys beg creatively!
Have a great fall day…get some cider and apples….
Sandie Parrott
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2 Responses to Madrid – Silly Street Performers

  1. TC Conner says:

    Thanks for sharing these great pictures Ms. Sandie! My favorite is the “headless guy.”

    • TC,

      Hmmm…the headless guy fits for Halloween…but otherwise…a little odd…!

      Have you seen my latest post on the guy that had a pea sprout in his lung? I never have success with seeds…HA!

      Isn’t that strange?

      Have a good one!

      Sandie Parrott

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