Madrid, Spain – Retiro Park – Parque del Retiro

Paseo de las Estatuas (Statue Walk)

This park reminds me of Central Park in NYC….very large, lots of things going on, people enjoying their leisure and grand vistas, fountains and wonderful buildings to observe…along with a few hidden treasures and secret pathways…

Remember, these photos were taken in September, so the park was not at peak for activities and events. Also, it seemed the Statue Walk was overgrown (trees needed trimming) and a statue was missing…!

BTW…let me apologize…for some reason my camera had a lens problem…because of the heat or moisture…I don’t know…but there are blurred areas in some of these photos, sorry…

Couples rent boats on the Estanque del Retiro (Retiro Pond)She leaned over and gave her lover a kiss...

The pond is in front of what looks like a building, but is actually the Monument to King Alfonso XII…once again I apologize for the blur from my camera lens…

This structure was built as a monument to King Alfonso XII...I guess the Spanish liked him...!One of many cafes around the park for drinks and snacks

Rick and I sat at this cafe across from the pond, had a decadent thick chocolate covered “Magnum” ice cream bar (like Dove bars but better) and people watched. We talked to a couple from Houston, that was visiting from Morrocco where they are living and working. Too bad they are the epitome of the ugly American. French is spoken in Morrocco…in three months they haven’t learned one single thing except “Merci”. That is sad and reflects horribly on Americans. Shame on us.

Cafes are scattered through the park

Classic fountain in Retiro Park

Fallen Angel - at the top of a fountain erected in 1922

There are claims this is the only statue dedicated to the devil. It was inspired by the Book “Paradise Lost” by John Milton. It represents Lucifer falling from heaven.

For some reason the fountain wasn’t working….oooh…is it the work of the devil…?

The guy skating reminds me of the Spanish people and their joy of life. There is a happiness that just flows from them. You can’t help but smile when you see this guy. He skated around and around a monument…smiling and showing off. This guy was no “spring chicken” (not young) either…!

A Spaniard enjoying his Saturday...!

Lots of places to travel "off the beaten path"

Of course…I love the path that leads…hmmmm…somewhere unknown….
Stay tuned for more Madrid and Valdelavilla Spain…
Feel some of that joy in your day today!
Sandie Parrott
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5 Responses to Madrid, Spain – Retiro Park – Parque del Retiro

  1. Harry & Lyn Hurrelbrinck says:

    Love your blog. The pictures of Madrid are great!!! I love to see the sights and sounds off the beaten path. I really like the picture of Rick roller skating. And then, the picture of those churros and chocolate in the cup look wonderful. Could you please give me a little more information on the Accomodations and average nightly cost. Do most hotels include breakfast or any other meals?

    • Thanks for the nice comments. The guy skating isn’t my husband Rick, but I’ll bet you knew that. Yes, the churros and chocolate in Madrid are wonderful. The best place is Chocolateria San Gines…yum!

      Madrid has several types of affordable places to stay. You can rent an apartment or stay in a hostel, hostal or hotel. Are you confused yet?

      What I found, is the name doesn’t neccessarily matter. When I think of a hostel, I think of a communal place to stay…and that can be true in Madrid, but not always. Hostels and hostals are usually family owned smaller places. They can be almost as nice as a hotel and a lot cheaper. You need to check them out online for photos, amenities and reviews to see what you are getting for the money. I met an Anglo that stayed at a communal style hostel for 17 Euros, but wouldn’t recommend it. Another Anglo stayed at a family owned hostal, she said was as nice as a hotel for around 50 Euros per night. I stayed at an apartment type hotel – Euro Building2 north of the tourist area for 68 Euros. This place was a one bedroom apartment with a kitchen, living room with flat screen TV, dining room, bedroom and bathroom…very large and nice! Most of the accomodations did not offer an included breakfast. You can pay more to include breakfast. Hotel Lope De Vega that I stayed in by the Prada is an upscale hotel that runs around 100 Euros. Breakfast was available but expensive….lots of places to eat breakfast nearby. VIPS for one. They are reliable, inexpensive, English style places to eat. Both Eurobuilding2 and Hotel Lope de Vega had a VIPS within 2 blocks. Many people from the Palace Hotel (old, luxurious and expensive at $300-$400+ per night) ate at VIPS!

      Typical breakfast for Spaniards is a continental with breads, cheeses, fruit and meats. Their big meal is at 2 p.m. and a lighter dinner around 9 p.m.

      Hope this helps…

      Sandie Parrott

      • Harry & Lyn Hurrelbrinck says:

        Sounds Great!!! Thanks for the response. Spain certainly sounds like a place that should be on our radar for a future visit. If we do schedule something I will ask you for additional inputs. We really love your blog!!! Keep up the good work.
        Harry & Lyn,

  2. Thanks so much…!

    Anything I can do to help plan your trip to Madrid…let me know!

    By the way…the one splurge that is worth it is a taxi from the airport. Yes, there are cheaper ways…but you can’t beat door-to-door and not dragging luggage on a train or subway! It cost about 26 Euros (2 people) for about a twenty-five minute ride to the Lope de Vegaa Hotel on a weekday (weekends are a bit higher).

    Have a good one!

    Sandie Parrott

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