Dixboro General Store – Ann Arbor, Michigan

This place qualifies for off the beaten path by location...not by popularity!

This place is bursting with home and garden items...


Located on Plymouth Road a mere spit away from Matthaei Botanical Gardens is another must see place…the Dixboro General Store, on Plymouth Road dating back to 1840. Not the merchandise…just the property. More info at www.Dixboro.com

They reopened under new owners in 2007 and have a treasure trove of cool stuff…custom wood and fabric furniture, decorations, seasonal items, garden ornaments and accoutrements, tchotchkies, candy, kids stuffed animals, collectibles, table settings, you name it…lots of ways to part with your money…

One tiny corner of a great store!

I would call this a mix of shabby chic, country, Amish and a furniture store.

Their special sales are pretty good too…especially at a change in season.

LOVE black and white! The rug was on sale...!


A different pattern black and white rug now rests under my swing deck. I have just the opposite…black swing with a black and white diamond patterned rug. Since the rug is plastic…just hose it off…!

Did you think I wouldn’t find a garden. No way you say…yup…there was a cute pond and waterfall surrounded by boulders, a small patio and some metal wildlife looking pretty real right out back…!

Viwed from the back deck the pond is j-u-s-t right...

These metal creatures were life size!

Stand still so you don't scare them away...


The place is just so homey and comfortable I caught a cute family resting on a swing out back!

Aren't they cute?

If you head to Ann Arbor for a rousing football game…or to see the gardens…or maybe the huge wondeful art fair every summer…take a detour to the Dixboro General Store at 5206 Dixboro Road.

If you want a bite to eat almost across the street is Moon Winks Cafe. Yummy fresh soups, salads and sandwiches in a comfy cafe atmosphere. Breakfast anytime, Ashby’s ice cream and other goodies. There is also seating outside. Not what I would call low prices, but homemade and very good.

Check it out at www.moonwinkscafe.com

A little reading nook at the Moon Winks cafe

Moonwinks Cafe – Great place for a sandwich or a bagel…

If you are nearby…check the outskirts of Ann Arbor for…Matthaei Botanical Gardens…Dixboro General Store…Moon Winks Cafe. Downtown is the University of Michigan…and FABULOUS shopping. The Bell Tower Hotel is in a perfect location for restaurants, shopping and the University.

Sandie Parrott

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2 Responses to Dixboro General Store – Ann Arbor, Michigan

  1. TC Conner says:

    Looks like a lovely little place indeed. It also looks like the pond was waterless. And I wish that little baby would’ve looked at the camera when you snapped that picture.

    I keep sayin I’m puttin in a back porch swing but never get around to it. Arrgh!

  2. Sandie says:

    Well, that was fun. I didn’t fill out everything so it zapped my comment…I’ll try again…argh…!

    I think there was water in the pond and waterfall…just really low due to the heat…???

    You know what the baby did the nano second I pushed the button…moved…and mine is a s-l-o-w digital camera…

    On the swing…there has been one in this spot for about 15 years…because nothing will grow and it is a nice little alcove. This is the third swing…the wicker-like swings only lasted about 7 years. This black one has been super automotive clear coated, by a neighbor…so it better last! I would like a cool pergola top or little roof overhead so I could sit out there in the rain. I’m training a climbing hydrangea to someday cover the top…maybe…it refuses to bloom…if I don’t yank it out…

    Take care,

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