Photos of Matthaei Botanical Garden – Ann Arbor, Michigan – Part 2

This quiet Urban Pocket Garden could fit in anyone's yard

Part 2 will cover the new Gaffield’s Children’s Garden, seasonal Display Garden and the serene Urban Pocket Garden at Matthaei Botanical Garden.

The Urban Pocket Garden is just that; an intimate space with required elements of seating (a half circle bench), decoration (large pots, rocks and geometric fence), brick “floor” area and border in a soothing, mostly green color palette. The large surrounding trees and plantings create walls to enclose the space and actually block an eyesore (air conditioning unit)…and noise from the main pathway.

A fab five fabulous flamingo - say that fast three times!

Of course the special display called Fabulous Flamingos contain a basketball playing flamingo representing the Fab Five team of 1991!

Many more flamingos in all types of finery decorate this area along with some vegetable plantings and interesting plants….like an eyeball plant (Spilanthes oleracea ‘Peek-a-Boo’ – Park Seed)

My favorite...moss flamingo...

This moss-covered flamingo looks classy in the garden to me…I’m not into bright pink plastic flamingos…even with fancy clothes…

I have a lot of balls in my garden...and I'm partial to purple. Isn't this a great combination?

LOVE this combination of multi-colored ornamental peppers with this reflective purple ball.

If you know me…you know I have all kinds of balls in my garden! And…I really love the color purple!

In fact I am looking for 1970’s swirly purple bowling balls for the garden. If you know where to get any…or you have one…let me know…PLEASE!

LOVE this mosaic birdbath and the texture of the plants

Isn’t this a nice contrast among the fuzzy grasses, leaf sizes, plant shapes and the bird bath?

I don’t know about you but my eyes are happy to flit about this little vignette.

This display will last nicely into the fall until hard frost.

Small stream in the Children's Garden

Gaffield Children’s Garden…

The garden is very new and needs some time to grow and fill in.

The stream needs some plantings…to make it safer. The young children most likely to stumble over the rocks trying to reach the teasing water, cannot read the warnings posted.

Many of the areas are not yet clearly defined, but I’m sure they will be. To me there was some confusion between the seasonal garden and the children’s garden.

The Grower's Garden in the children's garden was a great start...There were lots of vegetables ready for picking in the Grower’s Garden, part of the Gaffield Children’s Garden. The tepees drew the children to look inside. Gourds, tomatoes and beans were ripe to pick…hmmm…

Nessie has a special bed all of her own...

If you haven’t been out to the gardens in a while…or never like someone we know…stop by. The gardens are open everyday and they are free. There is a charge for the conservatory…(adults $5, 5-18 $2 under 5 free)

There’s lots of free parking…walking trails…a small gift shop…library…vending area if you need a cold drink and a rest…and sometimes shows or exhibits…

Go and see a garden this weekend…the weather should be lovely!

Sandie Parrott

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One Response to Photos of Matthaei Botanical Garden – Ann Arbor, Michigan – Part 2

  1. Nancy Willis says:

    I would love to see your garden, Sandie, in your yard. I have seen it many times before, but, want to see the additions I’m sure you have made.

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