The Hot Dog Stand – Grand Blanc, Michigan

Gotta have their homemade root beer and secret red sauce on specially made Koegel's hot dogs!

OK, this is the last post for Grand Blanc for a while. I couldn’t leave this subject without talking about The Hot Dog Stand…

This must-go place is located on Saginaw Street in Grand Blanc and has been there since it was built as an A&W in 1964. But the history of this place goes back to 1935.

Ellsworth and Aileen Moore built an A&W on Court Street, Flint in 1935. In the 50’s and 60’s my parents used to take me there for the best hot dogs in the world…and a little kid sized A&W frothy root beer…oh yes!

Okay, this sort of dates me, but oh well…

This was a franchised A&W, but they invented and served a special red sauce on their hot dogs that few of us that ever tasted it can ever forget. Ellsworth just didn’t like regular ketchup.

Fast forward a bit to 1964 when Ellsworth Moore and son James built and opened the A&W in Grand Blanc. Of course with the same great red sauce, hot dogs and root beer. 

Fast forward to the present…the Flint location has closed, 😦 but the Grand Blanc drive-in, now called The Hot Dog Stand, still serves the best special Koegel hot dogs (more beef content) with steamed buns, secret red sauce and homemade root beer or root beer floats…still in frosty mugs!

Tuesday they have a special on coney dogs…and they have added a children’s menu.

Rhonda Moore, third generation owner has made the red sauce available for purchase! Check facebook under “Original Red Sauce” or go to the French Laundry, Fenton; Gloria’s or the Raincheck Lounge in Flint, Main Street Treasures, Flushing or Treasure Baskets in the Grand Mall, Grand Blanc.

Now go out and find a real authentic drive-in restaurant and chow down on some American hot dogs…or take a trip to Grand Blanc, Michigan…ENJOY!!!

Sandie Parrott

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2 Responses to The Hot Dog Stand – Grand Blanc, Michigan

  1. R. Childs says:

    The Hotdog Stand has the best hotdogs on the planet! I started going there with my dad when it was A&W. I have sense taken my kids to eat there and when my grand daughter is ready I will be taking her there to eat as well. Their Root beer is unlike anyone else’s either. Some of the best you’ll saver. I have kinda made it a family tradition to drive to Grand Blanc and eat at The Hotdog Stand a few times every year. My kids still today enjoy going there for the best hotdogs you can buy.

  2. Pam Mascio says:

    GREAT DOGS AND ROOTBEAR!! Fond Memories from the Old A&W…taking my kids there..buying my first born son one of the little RootBeer cups when he was about 3. No better place than this for a hotdog!! Wish they would open one in Harrison, Michigan! I would bet in the summer when the campers are up here and packed into the park, Hot Dogs would go like the firewood sold during that time!!

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