Cedar Point Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Millennium Force rollercoaster

Millennium Force - Best Rollercoaster on the planet!!!

Can you believe it has been 10 YEARS already…OMG! This is my favorite rollercoaster on the planet…maybe the galaxy…!

Tomorrow, August 21, 2010…Cedar Point is celebrating their most expensive rollercoaster endeavor ever…$25 million dollars in 2000 for the fastest…93 miles per hour…tallest…310 feet tall…and my opinion…smoothest rollercoaster ride ever.

Yes, there are taller ones…Cedar Point has Top Thrill Dragster at 420 feet tall and a speed of 120 miles per hour…but it just isn’t the same…too short a ride (30 seconds versus Millennium’s 2.20 minutes)…too fast to feel the height…and a short track…2,800 feet versus 6,595 feet. Don’t get me wrong…I love Top Thrill Dragster. It is just a whole different experience dealing with G’s and speed.

Hugh Jackman also loves this ride…he rode Top Thrill Dragster last Sunday…!

Millennium Force - 310 feet sky high above the tree tops!

If you are a crazy rollercoaster rider like I am…Millennium Force is got to be up near the top of your list!

I appreciate that the designers added a special pulley-like system to get you to the top of the first hill. No…clank…clank…clank…forever…just a quick smooth ascent…and then…OMG…you can’t see the bottom…and WOW…93 miles an hour screaming down that hill…!

The ceremony begins at 11 a.m. tomorrow. For guests who follow twitter and the park’s mobile messaging system…during the day messages will be posted instructing guests how to win an awesome Cedar Point and Millennium Force prize package.

Go to Cedar Point…the only place where you can SCREAM all you want!!!

Sandie Parrott

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4 Responses to Cedar Point Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Millennium Force rollercoaster

  1. TC Conner says:

    I used to be able to handle a good coaster ride, not anymore. Unfortunately. Or not. 😉

    • This ride is the screaming best…I just don’t get to the park as much as I used to…:( My hubby and I actually watch for the camera and pose. That really freaks people out when they go and look at the photos and we are looking right at the camera! (Of course our hair is standing on end like a fright movie…)

      Hey, how is your computer? Did you get it fixed…is it still sick…or did you give it a nice burial…:(…?

      I’m going to Matthaei Botanical Gardens tomorrow in Ann Arbor Michigan. Watch for some cool photos!

      Have a nice night!

      Sandie Parrott

  2. Kellsie says:

    I’m going to cederpoint for the first time saturday… And I’m planning on rideing all the rollercoasters I can! But I don’t want to ride anything that will hurt, and any thing that I will regret later. Can u plz come up of list of rollercoasters that are smooth and tons of fun for me?thanks. I
    have heard that the mean streak is very painful.

    • Kellsie,

      Sorry, I was out of town when you wrote. Keep an eye on my blog for Madrid and Valdelavilla…SPAIN!

      I hope you didn’t ride Corkscrew or Wicked Twister. These two can hurt. Corkscrew gives me a headache if I don’t remove my earrings….it shakes my head back and forth and hits my ears on the protective bolsters. Wicked Twister is well…wicked. If you haven’t ridden it a number of times, it can twist your back. I normally stay away from it. The more you ride a roller coaster, the better you will know how to keep it from hurting. Like the Mean Streak…yes, it does have a sadistic streak if you don’t know how to ride it. Sit in the front of a car and brace your feet tight against the inside front edge. That way you won’t be thrown against the side. Ride this one in the evening when there is dew on the rails and scream around corners…faster with the dew! Top Thrill Dragster is for the brave. Do not lift your head while it is in motion…this acts against the G’s and you may get a headache…but OMG…is this ride fast and wonderful! If you like speed, (120 mph!) this is the one. The smoothest…fastest…non hurting…and best ride in the park IMHO is Millenium Force…FABULOUS ride…and a quick ride to the top of the first hill…I actually hate heights…really!!!

      Now is a great time to visit Cedar Point…Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only through the end of October…HalloWeekends…be really scared…but avoid the crowds and hot weather…!

      Get to the Point…

      Sandie Parrott

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