Grand Blanc Art Show

Grand Blanc Art Show - August 7-8 - Just the right size

A small art show, for a small town off the beaten path…but a good collection of art put on by the Grand Blanc Arts Council. This year there were only about 50 artists, more in recent years, but it was still very nice. I found some nice handmade beads from a Lansing artist for the crazy custom bracelets I make. I would have liked to buy more items at the show, but you know those darn finances…I had checks…I just don’t understand…

They also had a small – larger in past years – Civil War encampment. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions, but they must pertain to the era. If asked about video games, they will say they don’t know what that is.

Volunteer talks about his Civil War weapons and answers several questions


Vistors can touch the Civil War items if the volunteer approves - since these are authentic personal items collected over the years

 This is a great history lesson for kids and adults alike. Of course it only shows the camping side of war. It still presents a look at what was eaten, how they lived and what they did when not fighting.

A sneaky place to park is along the back wall of The Hot Dog Stand on Saginaw Street. The fair is basically behind this long-time venue in Physicians Park…there is some shade…AND you can get an old fashioned hot dog with special secret red sauce and a frosted glass mug of handmade Root Beer…YUM…while you are there!

The art show happens before the Renaissance Fair in Hollygrove (Holly, Michigan), so it is common to see a few participants from the fair dressed in their wench costumes or as fair knights strolling the market, talking in silly old English and promoting the fair. I didn’t happen to see any this year, guess I must have missed them.

This was the 12th Grand Blanc Art Show. Watch for next year’s show – usually about the same time of year.

Stay tuned for more things to do in Grand Blanc…a suburb of Flint, Michigan.

Go visit a cute little suburb, stroll through an art show or devour a yummy American hot dog and slurp down a root beer float…! Are you hungry yet?

Sandie Parrott

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2 Responses to Grand Blanc Art Show

  1. Tom Toohey says:

    Miss Sandie, I was MORE than pleased to have come across your delightful review of our fair. You may rest assured that I will pass this link to our membership. Our Arts Council is in a continually changing state due to the fact that we wish to strive to be an ever more relevant organization to our local community of artists. So, Yes! Keep in contact with this little arts council that can, out here, “off the beaten path.” We look forward to seeing you and saying, ‘hello.’

    Tom Toohey
    Board President
    Grand Blanc Arts Council

    • Tom,

      Thanks so much! I enjoyed the fair. I actually used to live on the Grand Blanc/Goodrich border for about 10 years. Check out my post on the Grand Blanc Farmer’s Market. Small but very nice. Coming up I’m also planning a post on The Hot Dog Stand…a favorite of mine! Hey, did you also see the Oakland Press article that ran August 7th on the art fair? If not, Google “The Oakland Press” and search under my name (Sandie Parrott). Hope you like the article also…

      Sandie Parrott

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