Farmer’s Market in Grand Blanc, Michigan…

Grand Blanc Farmer's Market - small, eclectic and wonderful!

Grand Blanc is a small mostly upscale suburb of Flint, Michigan. Flint is having its troubles after a history of being at the top of the automotive world…it is now trying to reinvent itself and stop the flow of young persons out of the city. Grand Blanc is one of the suburbs that people working in Flint or further south like to live.

Every Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in summer the city hosts a nice farmer’s market in town on Grand Boulevard. This is their 5th year and they added five pre-season dates this year. These were dates mostly in May when produce wasn’t available, but flowers, arts and crafts could be purchased.

Le Fleur Decor from Hadley sells painted or repurposed items for the home, winsome fairies and collectables

Le Fleur Decor had a lovely booth this past August 8 with adorable tempting wares. They are located in Hadley…I’ll have to plan an outing to the store!

I love that little blue table…except I hate the color blue…oh well…

Isn’t that pink chair adorable…it is for the Queen…of everything…I could do that…!

The bright colors and fun furniture and pictures are just so happy. I’m not the “perky” type if you know what I mean…but who wouldn’t like these?

I need to get to that store…!

Produce is coming in good now. Big juicy honeydew melons, corn, all types of tomatoes and beans

Sweet seedless watermelons, deep ridged fragrant honeydew melons, heritage tomatoes…yummy! Lots of vendors offer tastes…!

His and Herbs from Montrose not only have fresh herbs, but cute chair art for the garden

There is nothing like fresh fragrant herbs to add to recipes, salads or drinks. Fresh pesto is easy to make with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or as Rachel Ray calls it…EVOO…fresh basil…pine nuts and fresh shredded parmesan. On pasta…OMG! Wipe that drool off your chin…:)

Head to a farmers market near you. If you have never compared fresh grown vegetables to store bought…you just gotta try it. Buy the same variety…you won’t believe it.

Plus farmers markets sell a lot more than produce…many of the markets in Michigan include bread and baked goods, candy, soap, eggs, meat, berries, clothing, jewelry, baskets, salsa, mushrooms, cheese, cut or potted flowers, antiques, honey, syrup, sauces, pasta, twig creations, garden ornaments…and MORE!

AND…there is a market open in some community almost every day of the week…!

Try it…you’ll love it…

Sandie Parrott

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2 Responses to Farmer’s Market in Grand Blanc, Michigan…

  1. TC Conner says:

    Pesto…eeww!! How can y’all eat that stuff. My wife loves it too! I can hardly stand the smell.

    Now those melons look delicious!

    (And blue’s my favorite color, thank you.)

  2. TC,

    Hey haven’t heard from you lately…

    How could you not like pesto…OMG! My husband hates it also…what is it with you guys?

    If the melons sounded good…have you ever tasted a Sprite melon? I just had one at another farmers market…I get around…:) They taste like a cross between a pear and a green Honeydew melon…yum…

    It is okay if you like the color blue…a very popular color…one of the reasons I don’t like it…:)

    Have a nice night.

    Sandie Parrott

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