Pittsburgh – The Strip

No, this is not a (strip)

You can find just about everything on The Strip...

poker haven, but an eclectic farmer’s market warehouse area meets funky shops, food and music…

This area, starting in 1814 was the industrial hub of Pittsburgh…and of the world, especially when names like Carnegie, Westinghouse and Alcoa built factories here.

Now it has been revitalized and repurposed with stores, bakeries, coffee shops, ethnic food groceries, cafes…you name it…

I was fascinated with the hustle and bustle and spent a while wandering the streets of this large area. Their website http://www.neighborsinthestrip.com describes the location as follows…

“The Strip District is a one-half square mile area northeast of downtown Pittsburgh. “The Strip.” as it is familiarly known, is just that — a narrow strip of land in a flood plain confined by natural boundaries: the Allegheny River to the north and the extension of Grant’s Hill to the south. The Strip District’s east and west boundaries are 11th and 33rd streets; the produce district runs from 16th to 22nd streets.”

You can buy Greek, Italian, Asian, Polish, German and more style foods, mostly located in old, sometimes smelly warehouse buildings.

Speaking of smelly…whew, the seafood market probably sells great stuff…but I just couldn’t take the smells…or the guys cutting up bloody fish on wooden boards…ew…same with some of the cheese stores…the spice stores were a different story as were the bakeries…

Does this black bass look like he is screaming...who wouldn't, stuck in all that ice...!

Now for some good tasting stuff…

They call the chocolate cream filled things Moon Pies...isn't that a copyrighted name...anyway, they were de-lic-ious...!

Many places had “tastes” of just about everything from sweet treats to seafood salad…nope not for me…not with those smells…!

Amazingly again the people of Pittsburgh were really friendly. Truthfully, it was a pleasant surprise.

Kevin Solecki on accordion...!

Kevin Solecki was playing his accordion outside of the fish market. He was good, but I can count on one finger the number of accordion players I’ve seen playing on the streets anywhere! AND he said he used to live in Michigan. Gosh, isn’t that one of the biggest population groups in the United States or maybe the world…the group…Used-to-live-in-Michigan…?

OH gosh, this bread was really good...with a little olive oil...!

Did I mention everyone was nice…and happy too…

Saturdays have the best assortment of items…and people! But, be creative when you look for a parking spot…or get there early and eat breakfast at Pamela’s (see my post on Pamela’s…YUM!)

Can you smell these? Asian spiced...mmm...

There was a really cool kitchen gadget place called In the Kitchen. I believe they carry every kitchen gadget or tool known to man. Also, teas, small appliances, coffee, mixes, glassware, dishes…pretty much anything used in a kitchen. Amazing! And they have some gourmet food there also. If you want to buy online their website is… http://www.shopinthekitchen.com/store/department/16/GADGET/ 

Are you hungry yet? I don’t know about your area, but Michigan now has so many farmer’s markets, they run practically every day…I can’t think of one on Monday or Friday. Someone let me know if there is one…

So…happy farmer’s marketing…! And don’t miss the strip if you are ever in Pittsburgh…

Sandie Parrott

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2 Responses to Pittsburgh – The Strip

  1. TC says:

    You know quite a lot about ‘the Burgh!’

    Although I’m the Philadelphia Examiner’s “Pittsburgh Gardening Examiner,” I don’t write articles like I should. I need to start or someone like you will take it over!

    • TC,

      Well, I was just there in May and June and saw a LOT! Pittsburgh is really fun and the people are very friendly. When I visit an area, I try to do as much as I can…and Pittsburgh was fresh in my mind. I’m getting to the end of what I know about Pittsburgh, so don’t worry. How is the examiner thing working? I was going to do it…but, I hesitated…and then they told me I waited too long…oh well…guess it wasn’t meant to be…hope it is working for you…

      Sandie Parrott

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