Stan Hywet Gardens – Just off the highway in Akron, Ohio

Stan Hywet Hall a true country estate

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens was the former home of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company founder F. A. Seiberling and his family.

No, there is no Stan Hywet, in fact, the name means “stone quarry” in old English…named after the nearby sandstone quarry, not a person.

Stan Hywet Hall back view

This Tudor-style home, completed in 1915 has 65,000 square feet, 65 rooms, including 18 bedrooms and 12 chimneys. The Music Room is called the most beautiful room in America!

I don’t know about you but that is a lot of cleaning and beds to make…!

BTW…sorry, I didn’t blog the last few days, but I have Bronchitis and it just wasn’t happening…if you know what I mean.

The gardens are beautiful, but you can tour the hall also…the fees are reasonable, they have a very nice gift shop and you can eat in what used to be the stables…nice gourmet sandwiches, salads and soups. Photos in this blog were taken in June 2010.

Back to the gardens…

You can't call yourself an estate without a rose garden, can you...?

Several arbors bridge paths in the lovely rose garden. Nearby are the perennial garden borders with wide grass paths. They just renovated the Japanese garden which is a little stark right now and you cannot enter, but there is a decent view from above. Looks like it will be nice in a few years.

Japanese garden just added or renovated…

 My absolute favorite is the English garden. It was designed by Ellen Biddle Shipman and after the restoration completed in 1992 is one of the only Shipman designed gardens available for the public to visit. It looks like it has been there awhile…and it could have been transported from a very old estate in England. It is so peaceful and quiet inside.

The reflecting pool is the center of the small garden surrounded by mostly shade plantings, paths, sculptures and walls…it is like being transported to someplace magical. If you notice there isn’t a lot of bright blooms…it doesn’t need it. The textures and colors of green are just lovely…and the gentle drip of water…birds talking to each other…smell of the damp earth and plants…

The stillness of the pool reflects serenity

A covered structure in the English garden I found charming. Maybe it housed equipment for the care of the garden...

The fountain “The Garden of the Water Goddess” is my favorite ever (well, for now)…it looks like a mother bathing her children…this fountain was also found in the English garden…

The gentle drip of water and an enchanting scene that seems alive with children's giggles

Other gardens are the lagoon, birch allee, a place to play giant chess and several vista style gardens.

A view of the lagoon from the terrace

The giants must play at night...I didn't see them...

Tips – Hit the luncheon area early, it gets very crowded on popular days. Carry water, the gardens and greenhouse are a bit of a trek and it gets hot. Great photos spots are found everywhere, except in the manor and gate house where cameras and photos are not allowed. Also, no tripods are allowed without prior permission. Take a guided tour if you have the time and want to know the history, otherwise the self-guided tours are much faster and you can linger where you want. 

Stan Hywet Estate is well worth the visit and easy to find. There are several tours available whether you like seeing the manor house with priceless antiques or several types of gardens…or both. To do the whole estate justice there is a lot of walking…wear comfortable walking shoes, take your time, stop for a snack or lunch….but, if you are like me you just can’t sit still to rest and stop peeking around each bend in the path or hallway…or taking photos…

Check out their website for events, directions and more details…

Happy garden and manor touring!

Sandie Parrott

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One Response to Stan Hywet Gardens – Just off the highway in Akron, Ohio

  1. TC Conner says:

    I can see a trip there being worthy. And I’d love to actually play a game of chess using those giant pieces. Do you play?

    I’m wondering if there’s more color besides the rose garden? I see lots of green. But it’s a color too I reckon. ;~)

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