Royal Oak Farmer’s Market – Onions and tiger cheese and pears…OH MY!

Flowers and such surround the main entrance to the market

This is the time to gather flowers, fruits, furniture…you name it, at one of the many farmer’s markets in the area. This will highlight the Royal Oak Market…and all its bounty…

This is one of my favorite markets because it is a decent size, but not too big…has a great mix of things for sale…most of the market is under a roof…and is centrally located…

It is located on 11 Mile Road just two blocks East of Main Street. There is decent parking around the market. If it is crowded you can usually make a few passes around the parking lot and find someone leaving. Of course earlier is better for buying and parking.

Annuals, perennials, herbs, shrubs and a few trees available. The market is open on Fridays during the growing season with local produce, Saturdays all year-long with local and other produce along with miscellaneous vendors and Sundays for antiques and collectibles. Hours are Fridays 7 am to 1 pm May through Christmas, Saturdays 7 am to 1 pm all year round and Sundays 8 am to 3 pm except major holidays.

On any given Saturday…the most diverse day and usually crowded…you can find, local grown traditional, organic and heirloom vegetables and fruits, herb, annual and perennial plants and shrubs, handmade soap, sauces, salsa, meat, mushrooms, eggs, cut flowers, berries, furniture, nick-nacks and cheese…this is just a sampling. Vendors vary their produce by the growing season and there are permanent collectible booths around the perimeter of the building. Offers differ every week though many vendors are there all the time.

George is a staple at the market and his enthusiasm and passion for all he sells is contageous!


By the end of the day, these veggies were GONE!

Rest your feet and grab a sweet to start the day at the bakery


I like the bakery when I’m looking for something sweet, but there is a little cafe to order up something hot for breakfast or brunch. I like their sausage, egg and cheese on an English muffin…not good for the arteries, but the veggies and fruit make up for it, right?

Hmm...which one should I choose...?

Bring home fresh cut flowers or a bunch of curly willow twigs for decoration...

Another helpful service at the market are the Master Gardeners of Oakland County. They usually sit back by the office across from the cut flowers. A different set of smiling faces will greet you each Saturday and try to solve your growing, planting or pest problem. If you can bring a sample of your insect or plant disease, it helps them identify the problem. Even if you don’t have a question, drop by and say “Hi” and take some free MSU literature. You know sometimes they get lonely!

Maybe I’ll see you at the market…save me a parking space…!

Ciao for now…


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