VaughanTown (Spain) here I come!

Valdelavilla, Spain - location where VaughanTown takes place

I am SUPER excited! My hubby Rick and I have been accepted for a program in Spain called VaughanTown!

The program brings English-speaking people from all over the world to a small village in Spain…to talk with business people wanting to learn conversational English and slang. Basically, English that isn’t taught in a classroom or from a traditional textbook.

Panoramic view of lodging in a converted monastery

I am excited to help the people understand English, but also to be completely immersed in the Spanish culture. Maybe I will learn some Spanish even though they are supposed to speak English all the time. I know a few Spanish words, like la cerveza (beer), bano (bathroom), pollo (chicken), gracias (thank you)…but not enough to put together a sentence. I also have a theory that English with an “O” on the end will work…well it does, sometimes…like telephono, costo, mucho, medico (Doctor), plato (plate)…these are real, but I like to make up my own…!

My husband and I will live in this village (Valdelavilla) for six days…eat Spanish food…room and board is provided…talk hours and hours with the business people and the other English-speaking guests…and deal with living in this small village…where we do not know anyone. This adventure will take place this September.

An aerial view of Valdelavilla village

The program encourages us to bring games and ideas to involve the students in fun ways of learning English….skits, telephones, games, role play, etc…I have lots to think about what to bring. Gosh, I sure don’t want to explain to an airport inspector why I have weird things in my suitcase…!

The program includes lots of one-on-one time

Previous to VaughanTown, my husband and I will be spending three days in Madrid…just being a tourist. On Saturday, before the program starts on Sunday, the group meets at a tapas (hors de oeuvres) bar in Madrid to get to know each other. Hopefully, by then getting around the city will be easy.

Early Sunday we board a special bus to the village of Vandelavilla…to start our adventure.

Follow my journey…off the beaten path in VaughanTown…through this blog.

Adios amigos!

(All of the images are courtesy of VaughanTown.)


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6 Responses to VaughanTown (Spain) here I come!

  1. Nancy Willis says:

    This sounds like it is made for the two of you! Have fun!

  2. TC Conner says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun Ms. Sandie! When I was in the Navy (Submarine Service) our port was in Rota. Once while there, before the sub pulled out, we visited a winery in Cadiz. The Beatles and other “famous” folk had been there and signed a bunch of kegs. I bought some gold-rimmed wine glasses from the gift shop, I wonder what I did with them?

    • TC,

      Just caught your comment. The winery in Cadiz sounds wonderful. One of the staples of ALL of my garden trips is a visit to a winery for tastes and a tour. Hope you bought a piece of a keg or something else the Beatles signed…it would probably be worth something now. Go and dig out those glasses and have a toast…to Spain…and wineries…and…(:-)

  3. Dillyse says:

    Have fun Sandie. I can guarantee that you and your husband will not regret your visit to Spain one single minute. People are very friendly and you will enjoy the tapas.
    Dillyse (I live here in Spain, Madrid).

  4. ,ichelle gannon says:

    I do ot kno how you did it i applied for the past three years and havent been accepted i dont know what i did wrong


    • Michelle,
      Just found your email…for some reason I’m not getting a notification for comments…???

      Anyway, contact Vaughan Systems (I assume you mean) and ask why you weren’t chosen and what they are looking for.

      Of course, they need good English speakers and people that LOVE to talk to other people…:) I sent them a long essay on each of their questions…maybe that convinced them I love to talk…LOL!

      Good luck!

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