Clarkston – Concerts in Depot Park

Depot Park - Music in the, community, kids, dogs, dancing and picnics

This is a nice relaxing concert in the park with the community, kids and dogs included, after work on Friday night. Not a wear your best glitzy clothes, spiky heels…and go deaf for about an hour after type of an affair. More like shorts, sandals, blanket or fold-up chair and maybe a cooler. 

Last night was the third concert out of 5 for the summer…fantastic…and absolutely FREE! The sponsors, McLaren, The Oakland Press, Oakland Christian School-Clarkston and many more make sure the concert is free.

Can you believe this is the 31st season! WOW!

Local talent, 14 year old T.J. Craven started out the show about 6:30 with some country tunes. From his start at Anderson Elementary’s talent show in 3rd grade to last night…he is well on his way to be an American Idol…or a music icon. The kid was really good! I can say I saw him in Depot Park! He was belting out Johny Cash, Elvis and many more current tunes…with his cowboy boots, dance moves (might need to improve on those…) and Southern charm smoozing the ladies in the audience…I couldn’t help but smile and tap my feet. His voice doesn’t sound at all like a 14 year old…

T.J. Craven only 14 years old...unbelievable...sings his heart out for the crowds...he is gonna be big!

For kids that just can’t sit still there is a playground just across the stream and in view of the concert. It has a little of everything…lots of slides for every size…things to crawl on, in and through…swings…push type of merry-go-round…forts and trains and tunnels, oh my! You might see a duck by the pretty stream running through the park…or catch a perennial flower show in one of the planters. There are more sedate adult swings to sit and observe the frenetic activity, rescue a child from falling or eating mulch…or to contemplate your belly button…!

The guy riding has the right idea...he is destined to be a manager...



Up, up and away..bare feet and flying!

The main act from 7 – 9 p.m. was The Gia Warner Band. They claim a genre of rock classics…which means she sings just about everything! She also presents many of her own songs prefaced by a funny or sometimes moving story behind the song. CDs were available to purchase and she gave a few away to some energetic albeit originally shy dancers.

By-the-way…the drummer is not allowed to tell jokes because of the children…according to Gia…darn…I’ll bet they are good ones!

Two energetic girls dance and twirl to the Gia Warner Band

There is no wrong place to sit unless you arrive early and the low sun is in your eyes. The right side, facing the stage is shadier sooner.

Come early for a parking place. There are always spots on the lawn, but parking is much trickier. The two main lots used for the Saturday farmer’s market is the best place to park, but it fills by or before 6:30. A handicap sticker won’t help…

Each week an organization provides reasonably priced concessions. The Lion’s Club provided wraps, chips and Cook’s (YUM!) ice cream last night…so you don’t have to eat before you arrive…or you could bring a picnic. I noshed on a California wrap with turkey, guacamole and pico de gallo…very good…and I had a melting, but wonderful dish of Cook’s Cow Pie ice cream (chocolate ice cream, carmel and nuts!)

Two girls on a swing doing what young girls do...giggling and whispering...

The nest two week schedule is…July 16…local talent: Solid Rockers…headliner: Toppermost (Beatles tribute band) and concessions by CUMC. July 23…local talent: Living the Dream…headliner: Tribute to an American Legend (Johnny Cash) and concessions by the Clarkston Rotary Club.

Got a few minutes…drop by and bring the kids, blanket, chairs, dog, grandma…kids next door…whatever…


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