Train that never stops…!

The Chinese have a new idea…the train that never stops at a station. 

Between two major cities there could be as many as 30 stations…at a tiny 5 minute stop per station that is 2 and a half hours of wasted time…now no more…

You pre-board a pod that grabs the incoming bullet train as it goes underneath and through the station…without stopping. Passengers descend into the train…then the empty pod moves to the end of train for passengers about to exit.

Passengers leaving ascend to the waiting pod at the end of the train…the train leaves the pod at the next station…without stopping…and passengers alight from both ends of the pod.

Sounds like a great idea. I have ridden trains in Europe. Trains leave the station very fast with about ten minutes maximum to load passengers (especially in France), luggage, boxes and whatever. If you aren’t on the right platform, near the right car…forget it…there is no time for error. You get on QUICKLY…sometimes with luggage…and it takes off. Efficient, but it can be nerve racking…especially if you have too much stuff…or don’t know how to read your ticket…

This is SO much better, especially for the elderly or families with children. Pre-boarding is extended and there isn’t the usual rush to get on and move all your luggage. Sometimes with pushing and exclamations in other languages…

Here is a YouTube video…sorry, it is in Mandarin, but it is self-explanatory.

Cool huh? I wish the US had a fast efficient and reasonably priced train system. Europe and many other countries have this available to cover most cities. Trains arrive in the city, near Metro stations, taxis, buses and car rentals. It is very easy to do.

However…you need to move your own luggage, purse, laptop, child, dog, umbrella, etc. That is why after one trip with a large bag to London…I learned my lesson…never take large heavy bags. There may be stairs, tiny elevators, roads to cross…taxis to find…buses to lift them into…it may be raining…in England…never…HA!

If you can’t handle EVERYTHING with your two hands (shoulders, neck, etc.)…don’t bring it! You can wash clothes or have them dry cleaned…or…OMG…wear something twice…

AND…if there is anyone left on the planet that does not have luggage with wheels…don’t go overseas until you do…I’m warning you…

Check out the train that doesn’t stop and let me know what you think.


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