Are baggage costs on airplanes getting too high…?

Cardboard Suitcase boxes

My answer is a definite yes! Baggage used to be free, now you have to pay…and the fees keep increasing…some airlines even charge for carry-on bags. That is just highway (or blue sky) robbery.

Make sure when you are comparing flight costs between airlines that you research baggage fees, airport fees, fuel charges, taxes, etc….and compare TOTAL costs. Some flights may look cheaper, but they have a lot of hidden costs…

This is the solution that I know had to happen…ship your clothes or meeting supplies ahead of your trip…in a special box or not…any box will do if you aren’t fussy, but this one is designed to sort of look like luggage, except it is cardboard, complete with a handle.

Shipping items ahead to your destination used to be cost prohibitive, but it is getting cheaper AND more convenient to ship ahead versus pay fees and drag luggage around gigsntic airports. Airports are growing larger than the US deficit…

UPS now offers a suitcase box with a handle…to ship ahead to your favorite vacation spot…or Aunt Mary’s…and ship back home!

This is breaking news, hot off the press so to speak. UPS thinks the luggage box will get around the problem of baggage fees and make them a bit of money in the process.

They do caution to watch the weight in the boxes (55 pounds maximum weight in their small size and 85 in their large size). Also to make sure you call ahead so your hotel doesn’t refuse the box!

Eighty five pounds is a lot of clothes, especially since the airlines are charging hefty penalties for luggage over 50 pounds.

Fees on the airlines are complicated…a third bag that is oversized (checked bags must equal 62 inches in Length+Height+Width) and overweight (over 50 pounds) will incur THREE fees on Delta for example! The total would be $125 for the third bag (you can bring up to 10 IF there is space)…plus $175 if the bag measures 63 inches…plus $90 if the bag weighs 51 pounds…which equals $390 ONE WAY in the US and Canada. Rates change by destination and total weight. AND some flights to certain destinations will not accept oversized or overweight baggage at all!

I haven’t seen the rates yet for the luggage box…but maybe this is the way to go.

$390 for luggage OMG!

Or, you could pack lighter…most people bring WAY more than they need.

I once went on a seven day trip with several other MEN. Michigan to California. I packed all I needed in one carry-on bag! That included clothes for business meetings and literature. I really rubbed it in when I had to wait for the guys to get their CHECKED luggage!

Let me know what you think about shipping ahead instead of lugging luggage?


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