Garden of Healing and Renewal in Clarkston, Michigan

Enter the Garden of Healing and Renewal anytime day or is open

Tucked away, next to a new medical complex…”McLaren Health Care Village at Clarkston”…is a surprise garden open to the public, by day and lighted at night…the Garden of Healing and Renewal.

This trail through the meadow is highlighted in golden colors by the setting sun

It is a relaxing combination of many perennials, grasses, some annuals overflowing giant pots, fabulous sculptures, brightly colored seating areas and the music of fountains and happy birds.

A dry fountain sculpture with a stream of blue glass

Surprisingly, this 4 acre garden oasis, next to the main parking lot, is very quiet…and a walk into the woods leaves hospitals, worries and cares behind. There are also siting areas, benches and even a rocking bench to sit quietly and watch nature and just relax.

Sit a spell in these vibrant blue chairs and ponder your navel...

Another way to relax is to walk the labyrinth, perfectly sited on a vortex found with divining rods also called dowsing. Using divining rods dates back to the 15th century, probably Germany. I slowly walked the concentric path last night at dusk. Nobody was around. I could feel my shoulders relaxing and my breathing slowing. It is a very spiritual place.

Speaking of spiritual…look at this lovely Clearwing Hummingbird Moth (Hemaris thysbe).  They have lots of their favorite plants to dine on in this garden.

I just had to take a photo of this Clearwing Hummingbird Moth - Sorry to disturb its dinner...

Plants are labeled to help out if you like a particular flower, bush or tree. I just had to move one label though. I’m a Master Gardener and I couldn’t stand that someone had switched the labels and mislabeled a Hydrangea!

There are art sculptures, such as three that depict some of the stages of a butterfly in mosaic…the caterpillar eating a leaf…the pupa or the chrysalis stage and the adult butterfly.

The location of the garden is off Sashabaw Road, just South of the I-75 expressway at 5701 Bow Point Drive…opposite the parking lot. There is no gate, just walk right in.

Don’t miss this unique and relaxing garden if you are in the area…or need a few minutes to let go of all that stress…breathe…relax…repeat…


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6 Responses to Garden of Healing and Renewal in Clarkston, Michigan

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  2. Janet says:

    The healing garden was visited today and it really needs to be sprayed for mosquitoes. They were so many there today late morning .It is detrimental to the cancer patients as well as all visitors.Thank you for hearing me and for such a beautiful spot.

    • Janet,
      Don’t know if chemical spraying is the answer to mosquitos and cancer patients. That seems like a bad idea. I’m a breast cancer survivor. I try to avoid any and all chemicals. Skin so Soft from Avon, works well for me.
      Thanks for following…I love the healing garden at McLaren. It is so peaceful…
      Sandie Parrott

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