Sandhill Berry Farm and Greendance Winery

Greendance Winery (tasting room and retail store) as a backdrop to the herb and cutting garden

Hidden away in the hills of Southwest Pennsylvania is a surprising find. I had pictures in my head of a working farms with barns and such, but this was a lot more and a very nice surprise.

Sip an ice cold lemonade with one of their huge mixed berry pies or chocolate raspberry cheesecakes in the shade of the patio

The next few blogs will cover stops on a garden trip I dream up, fret over, beg prizes for, organize, sell, lead and try to make perfect for the passionate gardener participants. This trip was created for the Master Gardener Society of Oakland County Michigan members and friends to visit great gardens in the Midwest and to raise money for the society. By the way, it sells out quickly every year! This was my tenth trip and it was great fun!

Sandhill Berry Farm and Greendance Winery are definitely a destination from Pittsburgh…especially if you are going to Falling Water (more on that in another blog) or like gimongous servings of berry pie! 

The farm dates back to 1779 and has been brought back from ruin by the current owners…the winery on the other hand, opened in 2007. This fits together like a great grandfather and a small child…wonderfully.

To die for sky high berry pies or creamy cheesecake to devour…colorful gardens of herbs and flowers to wander…a lordly llama to pet…trails to trek…jams and jelly and berries to buy, oh my…Pictures to snap…lots of things to do…

Tiptoe through the turmeric, tomatoes and thymus

Speaking of this llama…he was grazing deep in the field when I approached. He was quite content. I wanted to get his attention so I said, “Llama, llama, llama,”…and clicked my tongue. He lifted his stately head immediately looked directly at me and trotted obediently over to see me…just like he knew me. Then he came closer…and still closer until we were nose to nose. He then stood still so I could pet him (?) and observed me very closely with large brown eyes. My husband Rick approached to get in on the act. The llama approached him…my husband reached out to pet him…and he let out a big noisy (and wet) snort! He then proceded to pose pompously, with head held high for me. Nobody else.

The lordly llama lifts his head to pose while chewing his (?) favorite grass...

I have a way with animals…

Talking wines, they have a nice Traminette…a white sweet wine and Vidal Blanc a little drier (cool tasting) popular wine. They also have a tasty Gewurztraminer…say that three times real fast…with a citrus flavor…except I didn’t taste the usual pepper flavor I like. The only red I liked was a semi-dry smooth Chambourcin…although I usually don’t like reds at all.

Susan Lynn, one of the owners of the property explains their wines, the history of the farm and tips on growing berries

Eat a light lunch if you are going for pie…and homemade vanilla bean melty ice cream…yum!

Sandie Parrott

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6 Responses to Sandhill Berry Farm and Greendance Winery

  1. Cathy Zepelin says:

    Nice photos – it was a great stop. See, I did not say wonderful again.

  2. Nancy Willis says:

    I love the berry farm and what a beautiful picture with the green colors – amazing. I enjoy your blog and look forward to more!

  3. Bev Moss says:

    Sandhill Berry Farm and Greendance Winery was a surprise jewel for me! Trellissed pawpaws?? Llamas and sheeps and berries’n’cream OH MY! Loving frogs, there can’t be a bad wine if there’s a green one on the label!

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