A Hidden Gem of a Garden in Northville, Michigan

Paths mimic old deer trails and flowers, trees and buzzing bees create a background for a relaxing journeyIt is hidden, but it isn’t much of a secret anymore. Gardeners around the area know about it, but you won’t find it on any maps or in any guide books.

It has no name, but it has an ambitious work-a-holic and artistic owner, Judie Braun. Well, she owns it in the sense of working it, living in it and showing it off, but technically on paper she doesn’t own the land. But, don’t worry, the current owners have no plans to develop it…

About 18 years ago, Judie’s husband Robert convinced her moving to a condo with less maintenance was the way to go. After they moved, dragging many plants with them, Judie was not so sure…in fact she cried about losing her garden. Robert finally got tired of listening to her cry and agreed to help her clear an area behind the condo so she could plant a small garden.

The garden is now about two acres with twenty different gardens divided by theme, plants, ornaments and statues. It continues to change because Ash trees continue to fall (from the Emerald Ash Borer). This is changing the garden from dense shade to areas of almost fun sun.

A Michigan native Lady Slipper orchid...can you believe she used to give these away because she had so many?

But it isn’t getting any larger, says Judie. Plants, birdhouses, pots and ornaments may change, but she says it is done.

That doesn’t mean she is done buying plants…or ornaments. She added a large serpent and tiny tree door to her fairy garden this year.

A friendly serpent swims in a sea of shade plants

Most of the beds are edged with rocks, mainly because she said, “Everywhere we dug a hole there was a rock.” Always practical.

My favorite area is by the statue from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It is in a sunlit clearing that looks as if it is lit by some other-worldly light…maybe it is the fairies. The bright moss-covered flagstones and plants framing the cove add to the spiritual feeling of this place.

Midnight in the garden of good and evil...plants!

The weather is good today…go find a hidden garden for yourself and take the time to sit and contemplate your navel…or whatever…


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One Response to A Hidden Gem of a Garden in Northville, Michigan

  1. judy says:

    Where can I get one of the friendly serpent statues?

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