Fellows-Riverside Garden – Youngstown, Ohio

Start your tour behind the Visitor's Center - Don't forget a map!

A sunken fountain up close and personal shaped like flowers in a tranquil courtyard setting

A wonderful twelve acre display garden in a small corner of the huge Mill Creek Metro Park system is worth finding only 9 miles off the Ohio Turnpike and it is FREE!

They have several well-tended (i.e. immaculate compared to mine) gardens such as shade, rock, white, perennial, rose and family. Plants, trees and shrubs are labeled and there are lovely garden structures mainly used for weddings.

Lovely Victorian Gazebo with an equally great view!

Long vistas with nice collections of trees and shrubs…to intimate perennial gardens with arbors to sit and linger in the shade…to a formal rose garden. They are also a formal test garden for roses and dahlias. It was cool to see varieties that the public hasn’t seen yet (unless they visit here).

Sit a spell...read the labels...or use this for a family photo op...!

There are great spots for photos…down the Perennial allee, the South Terrace Overlook, Long Mall and the Beeghly Garden…along with an inside view from a Weeping Willow “cave”.

View from inside a huge Weeping Willow cave - great place to cool off...but they need a bench!

The visitors center usually has some type of flower show or event..and a quiet garden library. If you are a shopper…DO NOT MISS THE GIFT SHOP!

If you are travelling through this area and need to look at some beautiful plants and landscapes instead of the turnpike…stop for a nice garden surprise off the beaten path at Fellows-Riverside Garden.


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3 Responses to Fellows-Riverside Garden – Youngstown, Ohio

  1. roger wingelaar says:

    Great blog. Welcome to the OP!

  2. Joan Pruitt says:

    Just surfing. Glad to see growth taking place in Ytown. found you by looking for pictures from fellows.

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