Confused about parking at Detroit metro…want to stress less…?

No parking anytime, anywhere...don't even think about it...

This is strictly what I do. I hate parking on the airport property. It is expensive and just a royal pain in the you-know-what.

Instead I use satellite parking, or offsite parking…whatever you want to call it. You drive in, they tell you where to park, a van waits for you (warm in winter, cool in summer) and they drop you off on the upper level of the airport by the door. Can’t beat that!

My favorites for the last few years have been Qwik Park or US Park. Yes, if you ask 10 people what is their favorite, you might get a lot of different answers…and a mine-is-the-best attitude along with their choice. So, to save all the yelling and screaming, this is my opinion…and I’ll tell you why I like them.

First off, Qwik Park and US Park consistently offer a good coupon that saves money. Currently, through the end of the year they offer a coupon on their sites for buy one day get one day FREE. Really great for a quick weekend trip. Many of the others either aren’t offering them anymore, or you have to join something to get it. Both companies put their coupon on the website for anyone to use. I think that is smart business.

Here are the coupon sites…

US Park is

Qwik Park is

Qwik Park also offers a Stay and Go package with La Quinta Inn right on the property. Stay there and get free parking for up to 8 days. You will need to work it out whether it is worth paying for the hotel (About $69 for a night), but if you have an early flight…this is the way to go.

Also, sometimes the cashiers will except AARP or other discount cards together with their coupon. It depends on the cashier and the way the planets line up…but it is worth asking.

Speaking of hotels, there is a Westin on the airport property which is a lux way to go if you want a truly special airport experience. Guests have access to shops and restaurants in the airport (through a special screening process), there is a spa, pool and restaurant in the hotel and guests sleep on a “Heavenly Bed”. I will attest, they are indeed heavenly! Dogs up to 40 pounds are allowed and a “Heavenly Bed” can be obtained especially for them. A current program has rates starting at $129.01 per night with parking for up to ten days for a penny!  

So don’t stress about parking at the airport…you have enough to do with separating your liquids, making sure you have shoes that slip off easily and such!

Happy parking…and flying!


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