Hello world and welcome to my travel blog!

Welcome to my blog!!!

Exclamation points are frowned on in many types of writing, but you may see lots here. I get excited about travel, photography, gardening…and lots of activities…so be prepared! Ok, you have been warned…

I also use a lot of ellipses, you know, a series of three dots like this… That is the way I talk, with pauses…for emphasis or trailing off at the end of a sentence so you can fill in your own ending…

My blog will take you to places you have possibly heard of, or maybe not, but in a different way. Yes, I will include the must sees and do’s if it is your first time visiting. Can’t miss these huge sights. More importantly, I’ll include things to see or do in these places that are probably not in any guidebook. Thus the title of this blog…off the beaten path! 

Also, I don’t know about you, but I hate crowds…especially if I want to take photos and get a feel for the history of the place. Really hard to do if babies are crying and the crowd is ten people deep around an important site. So, I’ll provide tips about making the experience that much better for you and photo tips along the way.

I’m an amateur photographer. I’ve never taken a photography class. I’m sure some of my photos might make a professional photographer grimace…but hey, isn’t that what Photoshop is for? My photos, both spectacular and not so much, will grace these pages. I hope you enjoy them.

My thoughts on these pages may wander away from travel…off the beaten path…maybe on an understandable tangent…or maybe a large leap…especially if there is an outstanding garden around. Forgive me if I wander a bit off the track.

Lastly, I want to talk with you…hear your comments…answer your questions…and comment back to you. So, please feel very comfortable in commenting, asking, discussing, relating similar or different experiences, laughing, enjoying and debating. I welcome it all, except anything inappropriate to any public social gathering.

Welcome to Sandie’s Off the Beaten Path Blog. I hope you will be a regular visitor and become a friend


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3 Responses to Hello world and welcome to my travel blog!

  1. Harry & Lyn Hurrelbrinck says:

    Dear Sandie:
    My wife Lyn and I are travelling to the Netherlands next week and I was wondering if you have any advise for things that we might want to see or do that are “Off the Beaten Path”. We have been to the Netherlands a few times, but we are always looking for new things to see and do there. We are also possibly extending our visit into Belgium and a little bit of Germany around Cologne. Thank you,

    Harry & Lyn,

    • Harry and Lyn,

      Sounds like a wonderful trip. Here are a few suggestions for the Netherlands…Amsterdam, especially if you are on a budget…

      Have you been to the quiet hidden courtyard called Begijnhof? It is surrounded by houses, cut off from street noise and still occupied by single women. One of the houses is the oldest house in Amsterdam, the Het Houten Huis dating from around 1420. There is also a lovely 15 century church called the Engelse Kerk (English Church) with its original Medieval tower. It is located by the Amsterdam Historic Museum. Take a short-cut passage between the museum and the courtyard to escape the weather…and to view 17th century paintings of the Amsterdam Civic Guards. Keep quiet while you visit because women live in the surrounding houses.

      Have you been to the top of the Nemo building? I’m sure you have seen it. It is a tall green landmark showing above the basically flat city. Shaped like a large ship it looks like it is docked. Climb the stairs to the roof deck for a great view. Sit and rest and feel the bustle of the city below or look at the photographic panorama that shows over 120 buildings. Oh yeah, Nemo is a fascinating Science Center also.

      How about a visit to a horse riding school, Hollandsche Manege? On Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings you can ride the horses and ponies for free or you can watch anytime. It is located at Vonddelstraat 140 in Amersterdam.

      Or…go for a free boat ride on the ferry that connects Amsterdam to the IJ island. The crazy architecture is worth the trip.

      You must have visited the the famous Heineken Brewery Experience…this is located in the old brewery…if not…don’t miss it and don’t forget to make a personalized bottle to take home.

      Let me know how you enjoyed your trip and if you discovered anything else…off the beaten path…

      Have a great time!


  2. Rick Parrott says:

    Looks great and love your approach to travel.

    Looking forward to hearing about your travels and tips.

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